Natasha Denona Mini Gold Palette Look

Natasha Denona Mini Gold Palette Look #2

For the second look with the Natasha Denona Mini Gold Palette, I wanted to do something easier and more approachable. 

Natasha Denona Lila Palette

Review: Natasha Denona Lila Palette

The Natasha Denona Lila Palette is one of the brand’s older palettes and was one of the first to cater to those looking for a purple palette. At the time, I remember there not being a whole lot of options for palettes that had lots of purple shadows in them.

Natasha Denona Love Palette

Review: Natasha Denona Love Palette

The Natasha Denona Love Palette was released for Valentine’s Day this year. It is mostly a purple, pink, and red themed palette with a few neutral shades thrown in. There are 6 shimmers, 7 mattes, and 2 cream/powder hybrids that have a nearly matte finish. It retails for $65 and contains a total net weight of 19.25 grams / 0.67 ounces.

Natasha Denona Bronze Palette

Review: Natasha Denona Bronze Palette

The Natasha Denona Bronze Palette contains 15 shades mostly concentrated in the gold, orange, and red color families. 9 of them are shimmers, 5 are matte, and one of the shades (Deep Dive) is a cream/powder hybrid with a nearly matte finish. It retails for $65 and contains a total of 19.25 grams / 0.67 oz of product.

Natasha Denona Safari Palette

Review: Natasha Denona Safari Palette

The Natasha Denona Safari Palette contains 15 matte eyeshadows in a fairly wide range of shades and depths. Each shade is 2.5 grams / 0.08 oz. This palette has been around for years and is now on sale on their website for 50% off its original retail price of $129.

Natasha Denona Bronze Palette Look #1

Natasha Denona Bronze Palette Look #1

Here’s a look using the Natasha Denona Bronze Palette. With this look I wanted to try using textures in a way I normally don’t. I’m trying to break out of the rut of always doing the same kinds of looks.