Review: Natasha Denona Love Palette

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Natasha Denona Love Palette
Natasha Denona Love Palette

Product Details

The Natasha Denona Love Palette was released for Valentine’s Day this year. It is mostly a purple, pink, and red themed palette with a few neutral shades thrown in. There are 6 shimmers, 7 mattes, and 2 cream/powder hybrids that have a nearly matte finish. As with many other Natasha Denona palettes, the pans are magnetic and can be popped out of the palette. It retails for $65 and contains a total net weight of 19.25 grams / 0.67 ounces.

Formula Overview

The mattes in this palette seem dustier than the ones in the Bronze and Safari Palettes. By that, I don’t mean they blend away too easily, just that they don’t seem to adhere as readily or strongly to the lid as the mattes in those palettes. Also, there is almost something hydrating, maybe emollient, about them. Valentine was the driest and longest wearing one on me. The deeper shades seemed to have more of that hydrating quality than the lighter shades and had a shorter wear time. Most of the mattes were very easy to apply and blend out except for Heartbeat and Heart, which tended to look patchy if not applied heavily with a dense brush. 

The two cream/powder hybrids are similar to the one in the Bronze palette in that they go on more sheer than you would think. Especially with Dream, I had to dig my brush into the pan quite a bit to get a decent amount of color payoff from it. This shade formed hard pan quickly, within the first few uses. Commitment was less sheer and easier to pick up on a brush. This shade had some pigment fallout, even when tapping the excess off my brush. And being a creamier type of product, that fallout would sometimes stick to the skin and smudge.

Four of the shimmer shades had larger sparkle particles and some fallout onto the cheeks during application. They all had plenty of base color and color payoff to be used as standalone shades or could be sheered out and worn as toppers. Transparent and Blind had a smoother, finer formula and offered a softer finish with little to no fallout.

Shade Selection

There is a lot of pink in this palette but it is still pretty well rounded and I feel you can get a good variety of looks out of it. Keep in mind First actually goes on darker than it looks in the pan. On me, this is more of a pale peach transition shade. It doesn’t work too well as a brow bone or inner corner highlight. Heartbeat and Soul are somewhat similar but they look more different on the eye than they do in the pans. Same story with Trust and Dream.

Wear Time

The shimmers were the longest lasting formula on me, wearing around 7 hours before creasing. I got about 3-4 hours out of the mattes before creasing, except for Valentine, which wore for 10 hours.  The cream/powder hybrids lasted maybe 2 hours before starting to crease.

Row 1 Swatches | Natasha Denona Love Palette
Row 1 Swatches
Row 2 Swatches | Natasha Denona Love Palette
Row 2 Swatches
Row 3 Swatches | Natasha Denona Love Palette
Row 3 Swatches


Natasha Denona Love Palette Look

Look #1:

  • Intense – Outer lid/crease, lower lashline
  • Valentine – Inner lid/crease
  • First – Blended around edges of first two shades with this
  • Lifetime – Center of lid

Natasha Denona Love Palette Look

Look #2:

  • Heartbeat – Inner/outer crease + lower lashline
  • Intense – Center of crease + lower lashline
  • Trust – Inner/outer lid
  • Transparent – Center of lid, inner corner

Natasha Denona Love Palette Look

Look #3:

  • Commitment – Outer lid, lightly on lower lashline
  • Dream – Outer crease
  • Valentine – Transition, inner lid/crease
  • Giving – Layered over lid

Natasha Denona Love Palette Look

Look #4:

  • Heart – All over lid, crease, outer lower lashline, inner part of brow area
  • Blind – Brow bone, inner corner, inner lower lashline
  • Commitment – A bit on outer lid/crease

Natasha Denona Love Palette Look

Look #5:

  • Passion – Outer half of lid, crease, winged out a bit
  • Lifetime – Inner half of lid/crease

Natasha Denona Love Palette Look

Look #6:

  • Heart – All over lid
  • Heartbeat – Outer crease
  • First – Outer transition area
  • Dream – Inner crease
  • Giving – Layered all over lid
  • Trust – Outer lower lashline
  • Valentine – Inner lower lashline

Natasha Denona Love Palette Look

Look #7:

  • Valentine – Inner crease
  • Soul – Outer lid/crease, a bit on lower lashline
  • Pure Love – Center of lid
  • Transparent – Inner lid
  • Commitment – Used as eyeliner

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