Tamara B - Coffee and Makeup

Hi I’m Tamara and I LOVE makeup – obviously :). I’ve followed many of my favorite beauty bloggers and YouTubers for years and I started this blog to join in on the fun. Why “Coffee and Makeup”? I’m addicted to both and I know I’m not alone! Makeup is my escape, my creative expression, my favorite hobby. I’m not a makeup artist or any kind of professional in the beauty field but I love learning new techniques and trying new looks and products. I’ll share mostly products I love on this blog but if I find something that doesn’t work, I’ll let you know! Hope you enjoy.

To help you better decide whether something that works for me might work for you, here is some info about me:

Age: 34
Skin Type: combination/acne prone – gets more dry in the winter and more oily in the summer
Hair: auburn/dark brown, fine and straight
Complexion: fair with cool undertones (Mac NW20)
Eyes: hazel, small in size, almost hooded but not quite
Lashes: medium length, semi sparse, fine hair
Location: Pacific Northwest – lots of rainy weather, cold & slightly snowy winters