My Room

I’ve been feeling so crappy lately so I’m taking a little detour from the beauty content to do some things I’ve been wanting to do but putting off in the name of saving time. Some of the things I’ve been putting off were general cleaning, putting things away, and rearranging my furniture in a way I thought might work better.

Winter storm

February + March 2021 Recap

I skipped February so I’m including it together with March. February was not all that exciting except for one week we had an ice storm. That would’ve been the main thing in the post. The last two months didn’t seem to fly by as quickly as January did.

January 2021 Recap

Can’t believe January is already behind me, considering how slow each day felt individually. I spent the first third of the month lost in a mix of seasonal depression and the fallout of my breakup, and I didn’t do much of anything that I would normally think of as productive. Around January 10th, I decided that I needed to find a “real” job ASAP and spent the next couple of weeks entirely focused on that. I found one and I start in a few days. It’s temporary but at least it’s something.

Some Of My Favorite Quotes

These are a few of the quotes that always stand out to me whenever I’m scrolling through Pinterest.

Random Facts About Me

You may see that I haven’t updated the blog in a while. My life is a mess right now. Messier than it has ever been. I just got out of a 15 year relationship and moved into my parents basement. I don’t have any of the stuff I normally do to create beauty content so I’m trying to think of other things I can post in the meantime. 

Personal Update: 2014 in a Nutshell

Hi Everyone! I’m finally back after a very long hiatus. Before I start doing my regular posts again I wanted to do a personal update and summarize my year. I started going to school again to study web design/development. It’s a two-year program that I am mostly doing for my own personal growth. Somehow I … Read more


A Snow Day in Portland

I spent all day trying to focus and work on some posts but this is what has been pulling me away from it. While Portland does get the occasional snow day, it’s pretty rare and almost never sticks for very long. I used to live in Southern California and only moved here a few years ago but according to the locals it hasn’t snowed this much in at least 8 years. I kept going outside every hour or so because the snow just kept building up and I couldn’t believe it. I finally came inside after spending the last hour outside and I am now freezing, my face is numb, and it’s hard to type LOL.