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I’ve been feeling so crappy lately so I’m taking a little detour from the beauty content to do some things I’ve been wanting to do but putting off in the name of saving time. Some of the things I’ve been putting off were general cleaning, putting things away, and rearranging my furniture in a way I thought might work better. I very briefly talked about how decluttering has been going and showed two drawers I have of stuff I spent a day deciding I didn’t want to keep as much as the rest of the stuff I have. 

All summer I’ve just been doing looks mostly with makeup I already had. I kept doing this week after week because I could see how slow I was at the process and I wanted to develop some sort of system and get faster at it. At the same time I have not really seen much traction for this stuff and it’s disappointing and makes me feel like I’m wasting my time and failing.

In spending most of my free time doing these looks, I’ve put off any kind of focus on improving my living space. If you’re new, I’m currently living with my parents in a bedroom in their basement. I used to live in a larger house and had a separate office so I’ve had to fit what I could into this room. This is what it looked like earlier this year:

At the time there was a king size bed and a large and awkward corner desk in here. I’ve since swapped out the bed for a smaller one and switched to a different type of desk.

Here is what my room was looking like about a week ago before cleaning up.

The dresser on the right was one of the things I had been meaning to remove from the room for a long time and because that was in the way, I also hadn’t tweaked my desk layout to be more comfortable. I wanted to add a second tabletop on the right side to make it more of a corner setup. The idea was to have a place to rest my right arm and create more table space.

This is how it turned out and I’m pretty happy with it.

Another kind of minor thing I’ve wanted to do is add another shelf to my bookcase. On the very bottom, I stacked many of my books vertically and that made it very hard to remove ones from the bottom of the stack. It also just looked half done and that annoyed me. This was a pretty quick and simple thing to do. The longest part was driving to Ikea to buy the extra shelf.

Moving the desk over opened up some more space on that wall and I wanted to try putting the bed there and moving my Alex drawers to the other side of the room.

The screengrabs don’t really show a whole lot of improvement but doing these things did help. In looking at them, I can see more things I want to do later on like removing the headboard that’s on the wall, painting, maybe changing the flooring and lighting. But right now I’m still trying to find an arrangement that allows for enough storage space without feeling like the room is too crowded.

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