Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner

Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner Review

These shampoos and conditioners were my some of my favorite ones back in high school and I was so bummed when these were discontinued. The fragrance is like happiness in a bottle. I love it. The whole Herbal Essences haircare line was reformulated and redesigned several years ago. About a year ago I tried the … Read more

Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Everyday Makeup Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to apply a full face of makeup that would be suitable for everyday wear. This look would be appropriate for most work or school situations or just to make you feel more polished. This is just the way I would go about creating this type of look but feel free to use your own favorite products and colors.

FOTD with BFTE Eyeshadows

FOTD with BFTE Eyeshadows

Today I put together a simple smokey eye with light pink cheeks and lips. The blush is a very natural looking neutral pink and the lipstick is a blue-based pink that looks a little bit purple. I have a light silver on the inner half of my eyelid, a dark grey on the outer half … Read more

Butter London Nail Polish

My Small Butter London Collection, Swatches, and Mini Review

Kerfuffle – Peach sherbert with an opaque creme finish Teddy Girl – Pale pink with an opaque creme finish Yummy Mummy – Light taupe with a subtle shimmer finish Lady Muck – Cloudy grey blue with a subtle silver sparkle finish What I think of them I like the formula and the color range this … Read more

Mac Studio Finish Concealer

Favorite Products of 2012

It was so hard to narrow down my favorite products of this year because I use a variety of products for different purposes. Some things are great for a really quick 5-minute makeup look and others are great for special occasions. I also have favorite products that were limited edition but I chose to leave those out since it would be pointless to recommend a product that is no longer available. These final 12 are products that I have no qualms about recommending to others. I would absolutely repurchase each and every one of them. I took quality, price, amount of use each product got, and ease of use into consideration when putting this list together. If I found a product of equal quality at a cheaper price, then the cheaper one won. Keep in mind that no product is 100% perfect and will not work for every single person out there. These are just the best that I found so far.

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Elf Studio Blushes

e.l.f. Studio Blush Swatchfest

In this post, I’ve put together swatches and photos of all the e.l.f. Studio Single Blushes that are currently available as of the publish date. They are three dollars each and can be purchased on e.l.f.’s Website and I’ve seen some of them at Target as well. I hope you find this helpful!