Revlon Melon Drama Powder Blush Review and Swatch

Revlon Melon Drama Powder Blush

Revlon released 9 new shades of their Powder Blushes late 2013. I picked up Naughty Nude first and liked it so I purchased the other shades. The overall color range isn’t huge but has a good variety for different looks. They cost around $10 and contain 5g / 0.17 oz. of product. They are available more widely now at drugstores, Ulta, and Target.

Melon Drama is a sheer light peach with a golden shimmer finish. It is a nice neutral color that isn’t too pink or too orange which I love because it can go with a ton of different looks. It is little bit brighter than Naughty Nude so if you think that shade might be “too nude”, you would probably like this one. You can see very fine sparkles in the shimmer when you look up close to the skin. This shade in particular has more sparkle than sheen to it but the sparkles are pretty tiny so I don’t feel like it makes me look like a disco ball.

The Good:

    1. It has decent pigmentation. It’s not crazy pigmented but it certainly has enough pigmentation to easily apply the color to fairer skin. I can apply one layer and get a sheer wash of color. Applying 2 or 3 layers will intensify the color. I’ve heard others say they have had a hard time getting this product to swatch, having to scrape into the blush to get it to show up. Perhaps the product is not consistent in quality and that’s something to keep in mind. The one I got, though, did fine. Here’s what one swipe across the powder looks like:

Revlon Melon Drama Powder Blush

  1. The texture is also pretty nice. It is soft, smooth, not too powdery, and not packed too tightly into the pan. Sweeping a blush brush over the product doesn’t cause very much powder to kick up – just a tiny bit and nothing too bothersome. The brush picks up plenty of color for a sheer wash of color. It blends out easily and sits nicely on the skin without making cheeks look powdery or sticking to peach fuzz.
  2. The finish of Melon Drama has less of a sheen and more of a sparkle so it will be more forgiving on skin with uneven texture or large pores.
  3. I wore it for 8 hours and experienced no fading.

The Not So Good:

  1. It is sheer and depending on your preference and skin tone this could be either good or bad. Medium to dark skin tones will likely have problems getting this particular shade to show up. Because of the sheen, though, it could probably be used as a highlighter.
  2. If you don’t like sparkles, even tiny ones in your blush, you might not like this shade.
  3. I feel like it is pricey for what it is – though I am seeing A LOT of drugstore makeup going up in price.

Worth Buying?

Melon Drama is a pretty nice shade and worth checking out if you like your blush to be subtle. If you prefer your blushes to have a very high level of pigmentation, you might want to skip this one.


Revlon Melon Drama Powder Blush Swatch

Wearing Revlon Melon Drama Powder Blush

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