Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint

Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint Review

Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint is a lip and cheek stain in a water-based jelly stick. It dries down quickly, feeling almost like nothing on the skin. It is not sticky at all and also does not feel moisturizing, hydrating or slippery. It feels like a “water stain” but instead of being liquidy, it has a giggly, gelatin-like texture. There are 4 bright, shimmer and sparkle free shades to choose from, $24 each.

Heart's Content | ColourPop Lip and Cheek Balm

ColourPop Lip and Cheek Balm Review

ColourPop Lip and Cheek Balms are multi-use cream products that can be used as blushes or tinted lip balms. These launched just recently as part of ColourPop’s Valentine’s Day 2024 collection and are available in 3 shades. They can be purchased individually for $12 or as a trio for $32 and are exclusive to ColourPop.

Saie Dew Blush

Saie Dew Blush Swatches and Review

Saie Dew Blushes are semi sheer liquid blushes with a dewy finish. They have a very hydrating feel and never fully set down, remaining dewy looking throughout the day. A few shades have some fine shimmer up close in swatches but I don’t notice any sparkle or shimmer once they are on the cheek. There are 9 shades in total and they retail for $25 each.

Natasha Denona My Mini Dream Glow Blush

Natasha Denona My Mini Dream Glow Blush Review

The Natasha Denona My Mini Dream Glow Blush is a mini cheek trio based on the larger cheek palette from the earlier My Dream Collection release. It contains 2 matte blushes and 1 highlighter all pressed artfully into a single pan. The color of the deeper matte blush is the same as the one from the larger palette in the collection.

Elf Camo Liquid Blush

Elf Camo Liquid Blush Swatches and Review

Elf Camo Liquid Blushes are highly pigmented, creamy, blendable blushes that go for $7 each and come in 9 shades. They don’t dry down too fast or too much and can be applied with fingers or brushes, creating a noticeable flush with a hydrated-looking dew. Some of the shades have very fine shimmer that is only noticeable extremely close up. None of them have any large or noticeable sparkle. 

Revlon Illuminance Gel Serum Blushes

Revlon Illuminance Gel Serum Blush Swatches and Review

Revlon Illuminance Gel Serum Blushes are a new set of liquid blushes in Revlon’s Illuminance line. They come in 4 shades and retail for $14.99 each. They are smaller than expected at 0.37 fl oz but not much is needed to do the job of blushing.

GXVE Beauty Feelin' Cheeky Blush Duos

GXVE Beauty Feelin’ Cheeky Blush Duo Swatches

GXVE Beauty Feelin’ Cheeky Blush Duos come in six shades that contain one radiant and one satin-matte side. There are a decent variety to choose from and I feel a few of the shades are fairly unique (Flirty Talk and Honeymoon Phase, especially).

Essence Pure Nude Baked Blushes

Essence Pure Nude Baked Blush Swatches

Here are swatches of all of the Essence Pure Nude Baked Blushes. I noticed these come out near the beginning of 2022 and collected them slowly over the past few months as they were never fully stocked at any of my local Ulta stores. These have the same name as the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter that became well known and loved several years ago.