Custom Fall Palette from ColourPop Monochromatic Palettes

Custom Fall Palette

For a while I’ve been thinking of depotting all my ColourPop monochromatic palettes and making a custom fall themed palette out of the shades. I really like that ColourPop palettes are magnetic and it’s something that adds value to the palettes for me. One thing to know is that there are no labels on the pans to know what the shade name is once it’s out of the palette. I labeled all of mine last year. It took me a couple days but it was worth it.

Labeled ColourPop Eyeshadows

To remove the pans, I’ve been using a magnet. In the past, I’ve tried finding something sharp to wedge between the pans and the edges of the plastic to wiggle them out but that often resulted in nicking the shadows or damaging the palette. A magnet can also cause damage if it’s too small. It can pull the shadows out at an angle and dig into them. It helps to find one that is larger than the pan, if possible, so that contact is mostly between the magnet and the metal edges of the pan. The one I have is just about the same size as the shadows.

Depotting ColourPop Eyeshadows

I removed every single shade from all 9 of my palettes and put them in a huge pile. I didn’t really have to do that but it was nice to have them all available to pull from. The idea for this came while using the individual palettes and coming across shades I thought reminded me of fall. But being grouped together with other similar shades makes it kind of hard to picture outside of the palette. I pulled those shades out of the pile first and then picked others I thought would compliment them. At first I didn’t really have a certain number I was going for but eventually somehow settled on 12 pans… no idea why, that’s just what I ended up doing.

All My ColourPop Monochromatic Shades

I did one look using all 12 of the shades and haven’t yet put the shades back where they go. Having it sitting out on my desk I kind of want to use it again before I do.

Custom Fall Palette

What’s in the palette:

  • Creamsicle (Orange You Glad)
  • Clementine (Orange You Glad)
  • Bay Watch (Main Squeeze)
  • Mo Bamba (Just My Luck)
  • Sleeper (It’s My Pleasure)
  • Red Bottoms (Main Squeeze)
  • Oh Beehave (Uh Huh Honey)
  • Olive U (Just My Luck)
  • Mary Jane (Just My Luck)
  • Charmed (Just My Luck)
  • Queen B (Uh Huh Honey)
  • Buzz Kill (Uh Huh Honey)

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