BareMinerals Gen Nude Highlighting Blush Swatches

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  • bareMinerals Gen Nude Highlighting Blushes
  • bareMinerals Gen Nude Highlighting Blush Swatches

bareMinerals Gen Nude Highlighting Blushes are a collection of 5 glowy and subtly tinted blushes that can be worn alone, layered over other blushes, or simply used as highlighter. All except Mauve Glow are pretty light on me. The rosy base color barely shows up against my skin tone. I can build them up without feeling like I’m intensifying the sheen too much. The shimmer particles are very fine and give the skin a noticeable glow without looking blindingly metallic, sparkly or glittery. The glowy finish is strong but I don’t feel it is unflattering or makes the texture of my skin look worse. They feel like really nice quality to the touch, not dry at all, and they pick and transfer super easily with a brush. They build up blend out almost effortlessly.

Price: $26 each
Availability: bareMinerals, Ulta, Sephora, Macy’s, Kohl’s

Pink Glow

The main thing I notice with Pink Glow is that the sheen in this one is reddish pink. If it has much of a base color, it is difficult to see. Because of the color of the shimmer particles, this one is pretty unique to what I have in my collection.

Mauve Glow

Mauve Glow has a warm bronze base color and purplish blueish sheen. This one reminded me of Benefit Rockateur (RIP 😢) because that one had a similar vibe with a warmer-toned base color and a cooler-toned sheen. Trying to two side by side, they are definitely not dupes but if you liked that one and miss it, you may like this one. The sheen from Mauve Glow is stronger but can easily be toned down by brushing over it with a clean brush.

Rose Glow

Rose Glow has a pale pink base color with a cooler, more silvery sheen. This is similar to Opal Glow but, side by side, that one is quite a bit warmer and this one is much more obviously pink. The two end up having about a similar depth when layered more heavily and worn as blush.

Opal Glow

Opal Glow is a pale pinky champagne. This just barely has enough color in it to show up as a blush against my skin tone but I’m more likely to use this as a highlighter, a blush topper or perhaps an eyeshadow. The warm pink tones in this are pretty strong and noticeable when used on the eyes but on the cheeks, it has a more neutral look on me. I get a strong, almost wet-looking sheen from this and if I build it up to get more of the base color to show up, the sheen does intensify but I don’t feel like it’s too reflective or unflattering. When used very high up on the cheekbones, it is ever so slightly darker than my skin tone but still passable used that way because the base color is sheer enough.

Peach Glow

Peach Glow is very similar to Opal Glow in color and finish but this one is a hint warmer and peachier. It builds up about the same way too. If I were to choose one or the other to wear as blush by itself, I’d go with this one because it just shows up better on me.

Bonus Comparison

  • Benefit Rockateur vs bareMinerals Mauve Glow
  • Benefit Rockateur vs bareMinerals Mauve Glow
  • Benefit Rockateur vs bareMinerals Mauve Glow

I thought I’d show these two side by side in case anyone was wondering how they compare.

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