GXVE Beauty Feelin’ Cheeky Blush Duo Swatches

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  • GXVE Beauty Feelin' Cheeky Blush Duos
  • GXVE Beauty Feelin' Cheeky Blush Duos

GXVE Beauty Feelin’ Cheeky Blush Duos come in six shades that contain one radiant and one satin-matte side. There are a decent variety to choose from and I feel a few of the shades are fairly unique (Flirty Talk and Honeymoon Phase, especially). These retail for $28 each and can be found at Sephora, Kohl’s and GXVE Beauty.

I have done all day wear tests on about half of them and so far they last all day without fading. The texture of these feels a bit different than I was expecting. The radiant side is on the more subtle side and the particles are generally pretty tiny, so they give me more of a soft, smooth sheen than a sparkly or frosty look. The satin-matte shades are not completely dry/flat looking as they also have a small amount of sheen, just far less of it. The finish of those is closer to the finish of my skin. They also have a powdery floral scent which to me is noticeable but not too strong.


  • Good color payoff.
  • Reasonable price for two shades.
  • Some more unique/vibrant colors.
  • Finish is forgiving/flattering on pores/texture.


  • Would’ve been nice, if for each compact, there were two significantly different colors, instead of basically the same color in slightly different finishes.
  • They are somewhat tricky to blend on the cheek. I get the best results when I pick up color on a brush, tap it on the back of my hand, and then go to blend it on my cheek. The color tends to stick to the first place it touches and takes some effort to move with the brush.

Flirty Talk

Flirty Talk is a bright duo of tangerine. These are more punchy than a regular peach blush. I have to be a bit more light handed with the satin-matte side than the shimmer. The shimmer is lighter and gives me a soft golden sheen with just a hint of peachy base color.

Crush On You

Crush On You is a reddish plum toned option. The shimmer in this one has a more neutral bronze sheen that I ended up really liking and finding unique among what’s already in my collection. The deeper matte is quite dark on me but I am able to apply it lightly and still get away with wearing it.

Honeymoon Phase

Honeymoon Phase is a lavender and purple combo. This is the one that lured me into this product in the first place. The shimmery side is much lighter than I was expecting and acts more as a highlight or blush topper than an actual blush on me. The deeper satin-matte has subtle reddish undertones but for the most part stays pretty true to purple.


Ex-Girlfriend is a bright duo of bubble gum and barbie pink. The color of the two sides look more different in swatches than they do on the cheek aside from the easier-to-see difference in finish. I didn’t think I would like this one but it ended up being one of the ones I enjoyed most.

Stars Aligned

Stars Aligned is described by the brand as a “peachy beige” and that sounds about right to me. The shimmery side is slightly more pink and the satin-matte is more like a light terracotta. This is the closest to one that could be an everyday color but is very warm-toned overall on my complexion.

Lasting Love

Lasting Love is a pink-leaning strawberry red. Both sides of this one are pretty close in color and the shimmery side gives off a very subtle golden sheen that doesn’t interfere too much with the base color.

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