Smashbox Desert Palette Look #1

  • Smashbox Desert Palette Look #1
  • Smashbox Desert Palette Look #1
  • Smashbox Desert Palette Look #1
  • Smashbox Desert Palette Look #1
  • Smashbox Desert Palette Look #1
  • Smashbox Desert Palette Look #1

I decided to pull out my Smashbox Desert Palette and use it to create this mostly matte, warm eyeshadow look. I’ve only used it a handful of times and whenever I think about using it, I tend to want to use the same combination of shades. For this look I used two shades I wouldn’t normally put together (the light rosy brown, and the matte yellow) because they don’t contrast enough with each other. The point was just to see how well I could tell them apart once they were applied. The final result doesn’t show this because I ended up placing the deep brown between them but I included a pic of it on the last slide.

Shades Used:

  • Suede – All over lid
  • Casita – Transition, lower lashline
  • Baked Clay – Crease, lower lashline
  • Saguaro – Eyeliner
  • Stargazing – Inner corner

Suede and Casita are a little thin-feeling and kind of sheer but they show up and are buildable. Baked Clay blended well, had enough pigmentation to not require much building and had very minimal fallout. Saguaro was also nicely pigmented so that I could easily use it as a liner. Stargazing has small, uniform particles and an almost creamy, thick texture that adheres well to the skin. Not much shimmer fallout from this shade.

Rest Of My Makeup:

  • Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer
  • Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation in Snow (left side of face)
  • Loreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation in 405 Porcelain (right side of face)
  • Maybelline City Bronzer
  • Dior Rosy Glow Blush in Coral

When I did this look, I was also trying out a couple of older foundations I have to see if I still like them. Loreal Fresh Wear was smoother, looked more natural, and was easier to apply with a brush. Too Faced caught on texture more easily and was harder to fix if an area didn’t blend out as well as I wanted. The shades of these foundations is a near perfect match for each other. The primer I used played well with both foundations.

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