Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint Review

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  • Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint
  • Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint
  • Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint

Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint is a light-medium coverage makeup and skincare product in one. It provides a bit of coverage, evens out the skin tone and helps smooth out the look of pores and skin texture right away. It claims to also help even out skin tone over time with regular use thanks to ginger root extract and vitamin C. The texture of this is somewhat thick and sunscreen-y but it has a lightweight and hydrating feel with a natural-looking dewy finish. There is no obviously visible shimmer in this but it seems to have a subtle light reflecting quality to it. With a combination of chemical and physical sunscreen ingredients, it also provides SPF 15 sun protection. There are 16 shades and it retails for around $19.

I got shade 117 as the same shade in the Revlon Illuminance Skin Caring Foundation worked well for me. The shade is a good match between the two products.

Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint in 117
Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint in 117
Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint Comparison Swatches

The foundation is a tad darker in the swatches but I tried both products side by side on the face and could not tell the shades apart. 117 is slightly light for me which is usually a problem. Shades that are too light can exaggerate the look of skin texture but I don’t have that problem with this product. They called it a serum tint (something I didn’t really take that seriously/literally) but the way this sits on the skin reminds me a lot of a moisturizer so I guess it’s hydrating enough to combat the skin texture issue for me.

To apply this, I dot it on like any other foundation and spread it out with my fingers before doing a final blend with a sponge. Once blended out, it doesn’t look or feel heavy but does have a tiny bit more tack (before powder) than the Revlon Illuminance Foundation. It gives the skin a very natural looking, well-moisturized appearance and smooths over the look of pores a bit. If there is any fine shimmer in this I don’t see it at all.

Before | Revlon Illuminance Serum TintAfter | Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint

The coverage I get from one modest layer is light but noticeable and if I build it up I can get about medium coverage without it looking cakey or heavy.

I’ve worn this a few times with setting powder all day and didn’t feel it got too shiny or oily looking after several hours. I can get away without any additional powder and still look decent by the end of the day but I’d say this ideally needs one extra powder touch up midday.

Pros and Cons:

Things I like:

  • Looks natural and skin-like, but at the same time noticeably evens skin tone and smooths the look of texture.
  • Shimmer-free, subtle glowy finish.
  • Very hydrating. Gives the skin a well-moisturized, almost plumped look.
  • Despite being hydrating, doesn’t get excessively shiny/oily throughout the day.

Drawbacks to consider:

  • Pricey for Revlon. The foundation is a dollar cheaper and you get a smidge more product.
  • Has a fragrance-like scent that is noticeable during and after application. It isn’t terribly strong and fades quickly but might bother those who are sensitive.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. For me, it’s the way it makes the skin look healthy that sells it. In terms of coverage and finish, it’s not super different from the from the foundation. If you have the foundation already, I wouldn’t recommend running out to get this one too. I definitely don’t think they are different enough to warrant having them both. If you are deciding between the two, I left some of my comparisons on them below.

Revlon Illuminance Foundation vs Serum Tint

When I first saw this launch, I immediately wondered how this would be different from the foundation. The foundation already has a thinner, serum-y, buildable kind of formula as it is. With a couple of side by side applications, here’s what I’ve noticed.

Both products have a similar level of coverage. I am able to build up the foundation to a higher level of coverage overall ending up with a maximum of high medium coverage. The serum tint can go up to about medium when built up but seems to even out the skin more with one initial layer.

There’s not much difference in finish between the two. They both reflect light in a soft, diffused and subtle way that makes the skin look healthy without any obvious shimmer.

The look of pores and texture is smoothed over by both but the foundation has a bigger impact. The foundation looks really nice but I can tell I’m wearing makeup with it because the effect is so obvious. The serum tint smooths in a way that I find more natural and looks less like makeup.

Both are hydrating and feel lightweight once applied but the serum tint is thicker and leaves the tiniest bit more tack behind after application than the foundation. To the touch, the foundation feels like a foundation while the serum tint feels more like a tinted skincare product.

Neither one is scent free but the foundation has more of a faint chemical scent whereas the serum tint is more fragrance-y.

There is a small amount of SPF in the serum tint and the foundation has none.

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