Elf Glow Reviver Lip Oil Swatches and Review

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  • Elf Glow Reviver Lip Oils
  • Elf Glow Reviver Lip Oils
  • Elf Glow Reviver Lip Oils
  • Elf Glow Reviver Lip Oils
  • Elf Glow Reviver Lip Oils
  • Elf Glow Reviver Lip Oils
  • Elf Glow Reviver Lip Oils

Elf Glow Reviver Lip Oils are sheer lip oils with a somewhat thick but non-sticky consistency and a very lightly minty scent and feel. They feel like lip glosses in their texture but have much less color payoff and none of them contain any shimmer. Because of how sheer they are, I feel they could have reduced the 7 available shades down to like 2 or 3. They go for $8 each, which I feel is a decent price for the quality, and can be purchased from Elf and Ulta.

One of the things I was most looking forward to with these was the minty feel. I like a good cooling lip product but I will say that this one is very subtle and I hardly feel it. I smell and taste it only a tiny bit as well. If you are very sensitive and the idea of mint is keeping you from trying these, I don’t think it will be much of a bother.

Out of all of them, my favorite ones are the three deepest shades – Rose Envy, Honey Talks, and Jam Session. They are all mostly clear-looking on the lips even though they look WAY more intense in the packaging. I cannot tell the lightest 3 shades apart from each other on the lips and the middle one, Red Delicious, is nearly clear as well. I can kind of tell the 3 deepest shades apart from each other when I’m wearing them though. My lips are very pale and I like that the deeper shades add just enough color to still look natural but add some life to my face.

They feel thicker than Maybelline Lifter Glosses or Fenty Gloss Bombs but equally non-sticky. While wearing them, they are generally comfortable but I don’t feel like I forget I’m wearing them. I am aware that there is something on my lips. If I am not eating or drinking anything for a long time, they stay on quite well for several hours, and if I do take a sip of something or eat, they hold up fairly well but may need a reapplication afterward.

Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is truly clear with no shimmer or sparkle.

Pink Quartz

Pink Quartz has a very subtle pink tint that is mainly only obvious in the packaging. In the swatch, I can barely see it and on the lips, I really can’t tell at all.

Coral Fixation

Coral Fixation is a very sheer coral and has about the same level of color payoff as Pink Quartz. The warmth that comes across in the arm swatch does not translate to the lips. It is not enough color to overpower the natural tone of my lips or add any warmth to them.

Red Delicious

Red Delicious is a sheer pinky red. This is the first one that starts to become noticeable and add some level of color to the lips.

Rosy Envy

Rose Envy is light warm pink and has a bit more opacity to it than any of the previous shades. This one gives me a MLBB (my lips but better) kind of look.

Honey Talks

Honey Talks a light, warm, pinky brown. This is a cute and unique shade if you’re into more nude/brown lip colors. I feel it still looks natural on me but has a warmer and more neutral vibe.

Jam Session

Jam Session is a deep but very sheer berry. On the lips, this deepens the cool-toned mauve that my lips naturally are. This is probably my favorite of all the shades.

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