Patrick Ta Major Skin Crème Foundation and Finishing Powder Review

Patrick Ta Crème Foundation & Finishing Powder Duo is a two-in-one product containing a medium coverage foundation and a translucent, natural-finish powder. It retails for $52, contains 0.42 oz of foundation (less than half of a standard size liquid foundation), 0.32 oz of powder, and comes in 24 shades.

The outside of the compact is a mirrored reflective surface and on the inside, the creme foundation has its own cover to keep powder out and prevent powder brushes from touching the foundation. The mirror inside is fairly large and I like the longer, vertical shape for being able to see my whole face easily at once. I’m not a fan of reflective packaging but otherwise I think the design is functional and keeps things simple. Even one less product on my desk is a little bit of a mental relief.

I would not have been drawn to this foundation were it not for the cream shadows in their Major Dimension II Palette. The way those sank nearly completely into the skin without looking powdery on texture made me curious to see if the foundation was at all similar.

As I run my finger over the surface, the foundation melts almost immediately and I am able to pick product up without having to warm it up at all. It has a lot of slip and spreads over the skin with hardly any resistance. The entire application process goes by in a snap.

I have mainly applied this with my fingers. I dabbled a bit with a sponge and a brush but went back to using fingers immediately after. The sponge gave me a much sheerer application to the point where I felt I was just wasting the product. Using a brush worked about as well as using fingers but I don’t prefer this method in general for most foundations because it tends to cause foundation to catch more on texture and emphasize it. I didn’t see that happen with this foundation, though. I still felt it was necessary to use a sponge/brush afterward to finish off the blending, especially to get the product out of my pores and looking as natural as possible.

Using the foundation alone, I am left with a noticeably evened out complexion and a glowy, bordering dewy finish. For the photos below, I also used this in place of concealer under the eyes, so you can get a better idea of the coverage. I thought it worked pretty well used that way and didn’t feel like I was missing anything by skipping concealer. There was a small breakout above my lip and it managed to tone down the redness quite a bit.

  • Patrick Ta Major Skin Crème Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo
  • Patrick Ta Major Skin Crème Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo

One thing I didn’t love was how it sat in my pores and on texture. This is something I struggle with, with almost all foundations. Some are more forgiving and easier to blend out almost completely. This one was less forgiving.

For many of the cream foundations I’ve tried in the past, it’s almost like I could see the powders (pigments?) gather in texture more visibly than with liquid formulas. I was hoping that wasn’t going to be the case with this one, but unfortunately, it is.

The powder is sheer and does not add any extra coverage and also doesn’t alter the color of the foundation once applied. It feels lightweight but not particularly finely milled. When first applied, it eliminates most of the glow from the foundation itself, but doesn’t control shine for very long at all. For normal daily use, I think the overall finish of the foundation and the powder together along with how they look over the course of a day, looks just fine. I don’t have any issues with some glow developing over time. But this isn’t one I’d reach for when wanting to keep shine away for long periods of time.

Below are before and after of just the foundation (no powder) so you can see how it evens out the complexion.

Patrick Ta Major Skin Crème Foundation and Finishing Powder DuoPatrick Ta Major Skin Crème Foundation and Finishing Powder Duo

Wearing this to work in a “normal” way, just to look a little more evened out, I was happy with how it held up all day. It didn’t slide around, even though it does have a lot of slip, and I didn’t have any areas where it completely rubbed off and left me with zero coverage. It didn’t get so shiny by the end of the day that I felt gross. “Real life” wear: A-okay.

For use on camera, filming tutorials, that’s another story. I don’t like this so much for that purpose. It has too much shine alone (and the powder doesn’t last long enough) in studio lighting. Also, the way it sits on the skin isn’t great for close up photos.

There are things I like about this product, like the speed and ease of application along with simplifying two products into one. I think it wears well in “real life” if you are not needing it to look great up close and in harsh lighting. But, I’m super picky about foundations not looking like makeup sitting on top of my skin and that is enough for me to say you may want to pass on this.

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