NYX Wonder Pencil Review and Swatches

NYX Wonder Pencils

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I’ve been seeing the display for NYX Wonder Pencils at Ulta for about a month now and it has not been in stock for that whole time! I’m so glad to finally have them to share with you. Keep reading on to see how this multi-use product performed.

Product Description

Price/Quantity: About $4.50 for 1g
Availability: NYX, Ulta, Amazon
Color Range: 3 Shades

Color/Finish: All three are nude shades meant to suit different skin tones. I am hoping that NYX will eventually release a wider range of colors. I think most skin tones would be able to find a use for these since they serve more than one purpose. The current color range is okay for most people if it is used for lining your waterline but for concealer use, more colors should be available. Light was too light for me and Medium was too dark so I found myself layering the two together to get a good color match.
Packaging: Eyeliner-style pencil. I like how precise this pencil is. There have been times that I’ve wished I could just “draw” my concealer on exactly where I want it and now I can. This would be really convenient for travel or to keep in my purse for quick touch ups.
Smell: None.


Application: This is a multi-use product. It can be used as a concealer, an eyeliner, or a reverse lipliner to prevent your lipstick from bleeding or to highlight your cupid’s bow. They are similar to the L’oreal True Match Super Blendable Crayon Concealers but they are much more precise. I would recommend using a small brush to blend and feather out edges because your fingers can easily rub too much of the product off. I don’t think this would be a good concealer to use if you have a larger area you want to conceal because it would take a lot longer to use than a traditional concealer. When applying to the waterline it applies fairly well and deposits a good amount of color. When using it as an under-eye concealer it was a little too dry making it look patchy and drag during application which made it uncomfortable to use. However, I love how easy and quick it is to spot-correct acne scarring and dark spots with these pencils.
Coverage: Medium to full coverage. To achieve full coverage I had to apply, blend, and repeat if more coverage was needed.
Texture: This has a thick almost waxy feel to it and it takes some work to blend it out but it does layer well. I can forgive the texture (but only a little) because it is affordable and the texture does lend to better coverage but I would prefer if it were just a tad more creamy and didn’t tug at my skin when applying.
Longevity: On my face, it started to fade just a little after about 6 hours. After the natural oils from my skin mixed with the product it became easier to accidentally rub off. It lasted 2-3 hours on my waterline.

Overall Opinion


  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Precise
  • Good coverage
  • Works well for blemishes and on waterline


  • Requires a pencil sharpener
  • Might be easy to use this up quickly
  • I’d be wary of using the same pencil for both waterline and facial use
  • Not so great for covering dark circles
  • Very limited shade range

Would I buy this again? Yes because there aren’t too many products like this at this price range out there and I love the precision application I can get with it.

NYX Wonder Pencils
NYX Wonder Pencils
NYX Wonder Pencil Swatches
NYX Wonder Pencil Swatches
Before NYX Wonder Pencil
Before applying product
NYX Wonder Pencils
After – Wearing NYX Wonder Pencil on waterline.
NYX Wonder Pencils
After – Wearing NYX Wonder Pencil as under eye concealer.
NYX Wonder Pencils
After – Wearing NYX Wonder Pencil as reverse lip liner, unblended
NYX Wonder Pencils
After – Wearing NYX Wonder Pencil as reverse lip liner, blended
NYX Wonder Pencils
NYX Wonder Pencils
After – Wearing NYX Wonder Pencil as all-over concealer

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    • I wear Air Optix Night and Day Aqua Contacts. They do have a very slight tint which isn’t really noticeable in person but the lighting and camera seem to make it more prominent.


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