NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealer and Corrector Review

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  • NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealers and Correctors
  • NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealer
  • NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealer
  • NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealer
  • NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealer
  • NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealers and Correctors
  • NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealers and Correctors

What it is: NYX Pro Fix Sticks are a high-medium coverage creamy concealer in a stick that come in both skin tone and color correcting shades.

Price/Quantity: $9.00 for 0.05 oz / 1.6 grams

Availability: NYX, Ulta

Shade Range: 6 color correctors and 18 complexion shades

Packaging: These come in a slim twist up tube similar to a lipstick. The caps click into place and remove with a small amount of effort, and stay on well. I am able to twist the product all the way up and then completely retract it again. One of the photos above shows the product completely extended so you can get an idea how much is in the container. So far I’ve only swiped them on with a tiny bit of the product exposed past the plastic casing and haven’t felt it might break. I’d be cautious to avoid twisting it up too far though or using too much pressure when applying it.

Smell/Fragrance: There is a noticeable scent if I get up close and look for one but with normal use, I haven’t noticed the scent at all. It doesn’t smell like fragrance at all and more like a chemical smell. 

Expires After: 18 months after opening





Shade: I picked up 5 shades in total. 2 are concealers and the other 3 are correctors. I have the concealers in 03 Alabaster and 04 Light and both are too light. 04 Light will work for me now as it’s winter and my skin is about as light as it will be for the year but I doubt I will be able to continue using it through next summer. I get the feeling the shades run light in general. I also have the pink, yellow, and green correctors. I like the depth/tone of the pink and yellow ones and find they work well with my complexion. I don’t think they are too saturated in their respective colors and blend out well enough to disappear into my skin fairly well. The pink corrector is only barely more pink-toned than the two concealers and could easily pass as just another concealer shade. On me, it works okay under the eyes but I find it more useful to use around the sides of my mouth where my skin looks a bit more yellow than the rest of my face. It helps to neutralize that yellow tone so that the area better matches the rest of my face. The yellow corrector is the most versatile for me and works well on the purplish tones of my under eye circles, reddish purple marks from acne scarring, and also helps to neutralize redness better on me than the green one. The green one is a bit too saturated for me and difficult to apply lightly enough. If I don’t apply it heavily enough, it doesn’t really neutralize redness but it’s so easy to go overboard and apply too much, leaving behind a fairly obvious green/grey cast. It is the only one that I feel the need to go back over with concealer to rebalance the skin tone.

NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealer and Corrector Comparison Swatches
NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealer and Corrector Comparison Swatches

Application: I have mainly used this with brushes. I very briefly tried just swiping the stick directly on the skin and it worked okay that way. It transfers fairly well with minimal dragging on the skin. It isn’t the most emollient concealer ever but it’s also not very dry. So far I am preferring the texture of this for the under eye area and to add coverage over larger portions of the face (like areas of redness on the cheeks) than for spot concealing. Coverage is pretty good and when a concealer and corrector is used together, I’m impressed with how well it evens the under eye area out. However, I don’t think it has enough coverage to be super effective as a spot concealer and the formula moves around a little too easily on the skin as well. I prefer products that dry down and really stay in place once they set for spot concealing. If I accidentally touch a spot I’ve covered, it can easily rub off. 

Texture/Consistency/Finish: Both the concealers and the correctors feel and apply the same, they’re just different colors. They are creamy and transfer pretty easily without being oily or waxy feeling. They don’t totally set but do dry down a little bit as they are blended out and have a semi-matte, almost powder-like finish and feel. Thy sit very nicely on my skin when my skin is well maintained and hydrated. For the demo photos, my skin was edging into being more dehydrated but I felt the product still looked decent. The pigment/powder that’s in them seems to be pretty fine and melds well with the skin so they don’t look heavy or dry even from up close. 

Coverage: High medium. It does build up and you can get full coverage but because it transfers pretty easily, I’m hesitant to call it reliably full coverage.

Here are some before and after photos using only the concealer in the shade 04 Light. I didn’t use any of the corrector shades for either of the two examples below:

Before | NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealer After | NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealer
I used the NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealer mainly under the eyes and on a few red small red spots here.
Before and After | NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealer
NYX Pro Fix Stick Concealer Before (left) and After (right)

Longevity: Under the eyes, the coverage and finish hold steady until the end of the day with only the very faintest bit of creasing in the fold under my eyes. I need to pay better attention to how it holds up as a spot concealer. My feeling based on how it applies is that it will probably stay on okay as long as I don’t touch it, but it is more prone to transferring when touched than a liquid concealer that completely dries down and sets.

Pros and Cons:

Things I like:

  • It sits well on the skin even if my skin isn’t in its best condition.
  • Effective amount of coverage for “everyday” makeup. It’s not too heavy/opaque but it actually does brighten and even the skintone noticeably.
  • What creasing I do get is minimal.
  • The pink and yellow color correctors are really nice to have in addition to the concealer shades to help even things out that a concealer alone might not do the best at by itself. 
  • I like that the price is not very high. I don’t feel so bad about possibly buying the wrong shade as it doesn’t hurt the wallet too bad to just try again.

Drawbacks and other considerations:

  • Although the price is not very high, there’s not much product in the component. For the color correctors the amount is probably enough to last a good long while but I feel it will be easy to use up the concealers quickly.
  • I prefer this formula better for use under the eyes than for spot concealing.
  • Not the easiest to blend out over larger areas with a buffing brush. Using a small flat brush (like a concealer brush or a lip brush) works okay for me though on smaller areas (around the eyes, small spots on the face).
  • Complexion shades seem to run light. 
  • The green is very saturated compared to the other two correctors and is more difficult to use.

Do I Recommend It?

I am liking the quality of the product, how it applies, how it wears, the price, and having it in stick format (just because it’s kind of convenient). That said, the small amount you get is a very big drawback for me. If it weren’t for that, I’d give it a glowing recommendation as long as you think the coverage and format is something you’d like. I’m especially happy to see some new correctors. I’ve noticed a lack of choices in this category for a long time and I think tones of the pink and yellow ones work really well for me.

Some Tips for the Color Correctors

  • Use a small amount (less than the amount of concealer you’d use). It’s more of a way to cancel out color than actually add coverage.
  • If you have a few different shades, experiment with them. You may find the recommended use doesn’t actually work for you and that’s totally fine. 
  • Try using them under concealer or over concealer. You can kind of blend the color of the corrector into the shade of your concealer to tint the concealer.
  • I definitely recommend using some small brushes if you have them to apply the product more lightly. You can dot the correctors directly from the stick onto the skin as well but they may apply more heavily that way.
  • Green typically is used to cancel out redness. That can be from blemishes, healing scars, rosacea, or just naturally reddish cheeks. Green has always been tricky for me personally if it’s not just the right shade or if it’s too dark/saturated/blue-toned. If you get frustrated, try yellow, as that can also work for redness.
  • Pink and yellow both work for me around the eyes. My dark circles are multicolored so I sometimes use both together around the eyes. For example the inner corner has some greenish veining and the pink corrector works well for that while the yellow corrects the purple in my dark circles more effectively than the pink one.

Where I Place The Color Correctors

For this demo, I am only using the correctors and no concealer. I used the pink one under one eye and the yellow under the other so you can see how they both kind of do the job. Personally, I prefer the yellow for that area. I used the pink corrector to neutralize some yellow tones around the sides of my mouth.

After | NYX Pro Fix Stick Color Correctors
Before | NYX Pro Fix Stick Color CorrectorsAfter | NYX Pro Fix Stick Color Correctors

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  1. I really love how thorough and detailed you are with your reviews!!! Every single question I had in my mind about this product (tbh especially the green color corrector!) you answered, and I really appreciate having an entire detailed section on the application of the correctors <3
    Have a feeling that I'm going to spend hours exploring your site🥰


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