NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balm Swatches and Review

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  • NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Shiny Sheer Lip Balms
  • NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Shiny Sheer Lip Balm
  • NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Shiny Sheer Lip Balm
  • NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Shiny Sheer Lip Balm Before and After Use
  • NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Shiny Sheer Lip Balm Size Comparison

What they are: NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balms are tinted glossy lip balms that come in a click-up stick format. They are solid like a lipstick in the packaging but melt quickly upon application. One or two swipes across the lip leave a generously thick but even coating of color and juicy shine. They come in 12 shades in a wide variety depths and colors. Some of them have shimmer and sparkle but most have a cream finish. They have a moderately strong fruity/sugary scent but don’t have much of a taste. It is most noticeable upon application and it lingers for a short while after but it seems to fade in intensity very quickly. These are $11 each and can be purchased from NYX and Ulta.

Packaging: These come in slim plastic housings with a click button on the bottom. The product sits inside in a stick format like a lipstick and is pushed upward each time you click the button on the bottom of the packaging. I need to click several times just to move the product up a little bit but it moves fast enough that I don’t find it frustrating. The cap stays on securely and pulls off relatively easily with a tiny bit of effort. I purchased these directly from NYX and they came with a small perforated sticker that held the cap and body of the product closed.

Smell/Fragrance: The fragrance is more noticeable as a scent however I cannot actually taste it. It’s a generic, sweet fruit-juicy scent that doesn’t bring to mind any particular fruit or note.  It is not sharp, but more warm and rounded. The scent is moderate and noticeable without having to go and actively hunt for it. Without trying, just opening up the product to use it, I notice there is a fragrance. Personally I don’t find it offensively strong and after application it fades quickly enough that I soon forget about it entirely.

Expiration: 18 months after opening.





Shade Selection: There is a good range of depth in all of the 12 shades. They go from nearly colorless to somewhat deep, and a few are more colorful/bright. 3 of them have shimmer and/or sparkle that is actually noticeable on the lips against the base color. The larger sparkle in a some of the shades adheres to the lips pretty strongly if I try to remove it soon after application so that only using a tissue isn’t quite enough to remove all the sparkle. A makeup remover helps to dislodge the sparkle. Personally, I feel comfortable in all of the shades that are offered and feel they are flattering or at least don’t clash with my skin tone. Some shades are similar to each other but none are so close that there are dupes within the shade range. I feel they differ enough from each other that I can tell them apart. Some groupings of similar shades are

  • Going Viral (more pink) and Link In My Bio (more nude)
  • DM Me (lighter) and #Thriving (deeper, brighter)

Application: I apply these just like any other lipstick, directly from the tube. The main difference is the need to click the bottom of the packaging to continually push more product up. In the few times I’ve used each shade, I had to click more lip balm up with each use. Immediately upon swiping the product, a generous amount of it melts onto the lips, giving me the impression I could probably very quickly run through an entire lip balm if I used it daily. Two passes across the lips is about enough to get a noticeable amount of color and shine from these. I don’t feel they apply too heavily though and the product stays pretty much where I apply it. It doesn’t move around super easily on the lips or gather in patches if I press my lips together.

Texture/Consistency/Finish: I love love love the texture of these. They are thick but melt easily with warmth. They are not waxy like cheap lip balms are and they are not sticky if I press my lips together. Right away, they have a shine that looks almost like a gloss but they do not slip around like a gloss. As I wear them for a while, the shine dissipates into a glow more true to the finish of a balm. The product feels soothing, moisturizing and substantial on the lips but not heavy and they don’t seem to trap heat in a way that feels like you’ve got butter on your lips. 

Pigmentation/Color Payoff: These range from clear to semi-opaque depending on the shade. A couple of the deeper/brighter shades like #Thriving and Double Tap are the most pigmented and border on the color payoff of a semi-sheer lipstick. In general the color shows up well in a satisfying way without having to layer the product on too heavily to get it there. They give me more color payoff than a gloss but less than a lipstick. I feel every shade here shows up well against my skin tone and even the deepest shades still feel comfortable/appropriate for everyday wear. They are good for those that like the idea of wearing more color but might be kind of afraid to go too far.

Longevity: Still trying these out for longevity. The only thing I know at this point is that they wear off easily if you’re drinking something, let alone eating.

Pros and Cons

Things I like:

  • Texture is amazing. Comfortable, hydrating, soothing, cushiony, smooth.
  • “Wearable” shades with good color payoff for a balm formula.
  • Sparkle in the sparkly shades actually shows up, without looking like glitter.
  • Color applies evenly and doesn’t gather in patches or move around on the lips.
  • Not sticky or goopy feeling.
  • Price is reasonable.

Drawbacks to consider:

  • I’m guessing these could be used up quickly with daily consistent use.
  • There aren’t any totally clear shades but this has a formula that I think would be amazing for just a clear lip butter / lip balm just for use as prep / treatment.
  • Fragrance / scent may bother those that are sensitive. 
  • Sparkles adhere strongly and require some extra effort to remove from the lips.

Do I Recommend Them?

Yes. If you like tinted lip balms or hydrating lip products that add a hint of color, I absolutely recommend giving these a try. These are one of the more enjoyable and surprisingly high-quality-for-the-price products I’ve tried in a while.


NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Shiny Sheer Lip Balm Swatches
NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Shiny Sheer Lip Balm Swatches

Main Character

Main Character has a colorless, clear, glossy base with a good amount of large purple sparkle. It gives me the look of a clear gloss with an added bit of purply-pinky dazzle. Although the particles are fairly large, almost the size of glitter, I can barely feel them at all if I press my lips together. When I go to remove this shade the sparkle really clings on to the lips and I find it very helpful to use a makeup remover wipe (as opposed to just a tissue) to get them to unstick.


Clout is a very pale cool toned pink. I don’t usually like these kinds of shades on me but being a sheerer color makes it much easier to pull off. There is enough saturation in the pink color and it’s just dark enough to not wash out my complexion.

No Filter Needed

No Filter Needed is a subtly cool-toned, medium pinky mauve with fine shimmer and just a little bit of larger gold sparkle. The shimmer in this shade is not like the sparkle in Main Character. It’s much more subtle and is far easier to remove. This is the type of shade I could see myself reaching for often.

Going Viral

Going Viral is a light nude pink with no shimmer or sparkle. It is similar in depth and color to Link In My Bio but this one is just a little pinker while that one is more neutral.

Link In My Bio

Link In My Bio is a light nude beige with no shimmer or sparkle.

Hits Different

Hits Different has a very sheer caramel base (almost looks clear) with lots of large gold and pink sparkle. The sparkle in this is a lot like the shade Main Character in that it adds a noticeable glimmer to the glossy finish, I cannot really feel it on the my lips, and it can be difficult to remove without a makeup remover wipe.


DM Me is a lighter version of a cool-toned bubblegum pink without any shimmer or sparkle.


#Thriving is a medium cool toned pink without any shimmer or sparkle. It is similar to DM Me, but slightly deeper.

That’s Major

That’s Major is a medium orchid purple without any shimmer or sparkle.

Double Tap

Double Tap is a semi-sheer pinky red with the slightest bit of sparkle. The sparkle is only visible in the product itself and not on the lips. I don’t see any when I go to remove the product either.

In A Mood

In A Mood is a deeper mauve without any shimmer or sparkle. I can apply this fairly heavily and still have it look even on the lips and I don’t see much of it settling into my lip lines. If I press my lips together the color stays put and doesn’t gather weirdly in certain spots.

Trending Topic

Trending Topic is a sheer deep berry with a good amount of large bronze and purple sparkle. The sparkle is somewhat noticeable but not crazy obvious. It clings to the lips during removal just like the sparkle in Main Character and Hits Different.

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