NYX Duck Plump Lip Gloss Swatches and Review

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  • NYX Duck Plump Lip Gloss
  • NYX Duck Plump Lip Gloss
  • NYX Duck Plump Lip Gloss
  • NYX Duck Plump Lip Gloss
  • NYX Duck Plump Lip Gloss
  • NYX Duck Plump Lip Gloss
  • NYX Duck Plump Lip Gloss
  • NYX Duck Plump Lip Gloss

NYX Duck Plump Lip Glosses are spicy, plumping lip glosses in a range of 16 higher pigment shades and 1 clear shade. These are $13 each and available to purchase from NYX and Ulta. They provide a tingly warming sensation on the lips much like the Maybelline Lifter Plump Lip Glosses (my review). Ginger is the ingredient NYX features the most, however this also contains capsicum frutescens fruit extract (chili pepper extract). The heat and plumping I get from these feels nearly identical to what I get from the Maybelline glosses but these are much more colorful and pigmented. They plump the lips a little bit for me but not a very noticeable amount. I tend to have drier, liney lips and this can help to smooth them out a bit and make them look a little more hydrated.

For the arm swatches below I just swiped the applicator directly out of the tube on my arm. The applicator is very heavily coated in gloss when I pull it out, so much so that I ended up using a lip brush to apply the lip swatches. Many of the arm swatches look darker just because the product is applied thicker. On the lips, I have a thinner application. Attempting to use the applicator to apply the product is possible but it can look pretty heavy/uneven and is difficult to get clean lines around the edges. Maybe with use over time, as less product is in the container, it might not be such an issue.

If applied lightly, these feel comfortable and non-sticky. If I apply it straight from the applicator without dabbing off excess, it feels like I have too much on, and if I press my lips together the excess will kind of bunch up and slide around on the lips. I don’t get too much color/pigment settling in the lines of my lips though even from the shades that are lighter than my lips and the very deepest shades. Even a thin layer gives me a noticeable amount of color payoff, which is nice. Some of the deeper and more intense shades stain my lips slightly. None of them contain any shimmer or glitter.

I have all the shades that are currently available swatched here but my favorites out of all these are Lilac on Lock (for a my lips but better shade), Brick of Time, Mauve Out My Way, Strike A Rose, and Hall Of Flame.

01 Clearly Spicy

Clearly Spicy has a very slight peachy tone to it but is totally transparent on the lips.

02 Bangin’ Bare

Bangin’ Bare is a light nude beige. This shade is a tiny bit lighter than my natural lip color (which is very pale) and gives me the nude lip look that could go well with darker eye makeup.

03 Nude Swings

Nude Swings is a light pinky beige. This one is about the same depth as my lip color but a hint warmer in tone.

04 Apri-Caught

Apri-Caught is a nude peach.

05 Brown Of Applause

Brown of Applause is a medium caramel brown. This is the first shade that starts to look like it has some depth on me.

06 Brick Of Time

Brick of Time is a medium reddish brown.

07 Mocha Me Crazy

Mocha Me Crazy is a medium milk chocolate brown with hints of red.

08 Mauve Out My Way

Mauve Out My Way toes the line between being a purple-toned, and pink-toned mauve. This one is a like a deeper version of 10 Lilac On Lock.

09 Strike A Rose

Strike A Rose is a medium cooler-toned pink.

10 Lilac On Lock

Lilac On Lock is a light purplish pink. It’s not so purple that it looks unnatural and blends in well with the color my lips.

11 Pick Me Pink

Pick Me Pink is a light blue-toned pink.

12 Bubblegum Bae

Bubblegum Bae is a bright medium blue-toned pink. It stands out but is much less loud than you might think based on the swatch. This one stains just a tiny bit.

13 Peach Out

Peach Out is a medium peach that adds some warmth to my natural lip color.

14 Hall Of Flame

Hall Of Flame is deeper cool-toned red that looks more like a deep rose pink on the lip. This one also stains a little bit.

15 Twice The Spice

Twice The Spice is a deep brown with subtle red tones.

16 Wine Not?

Wine Not? is a deep warm red that leans slightly orangey-brown.

17 Pure Plum-p

Pure Plum-p is a deep purple. The heavier I apply this shade, the cooler-toned it looks. If I thin it out, it looks a little bit more red. I feel like the lip swatch came out a little warmer here than what I see in real life, which is closer to the arm swatch. This one leaves the strongest pinky purple stain on the lips out of all the shades.

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