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  • New Benefit Blushes 2022 Wanderful World Blush Collection
  • New Benefit Blushes 2022 Wanderful World Blush Collection
  • New Benefit Blush Swatches 2022 Wanderful World Blush Collection

Benefit has come out with new shades of their iconic boxed blushes and redesigned the packaging. There are 12 full size shades retailing for $29 each and 7 of them come in mini sizes for $17 each. I have all but one (Starlaa) swatched here for you.

One of their original shades, Dandelion, is still a part of the range. The broken one in the corner is the shade Butterfly. Most of them have some level of shimmer but there are a few matte shades. They all have easy-to-work-with, buildable color payoff and none of them look “glittery” or give too much of a reflective shine to the skin.

They are all similarly scented but they do not all smell exactly the same. The box packaging is flatter than it used to be and no longer includes a brush. I think it’s a little easier to get a blush brush into the pan without smashing the bristles (as much) into the sides of the box.

Swatching these next to some of my older Benefit blushes, none of them are repeated shades or “dupes” (except Dandelion). My favorite of their old ones was Rockateur and the most similar of the new shades, I’d say, is Willa.

Where to buy: Ulta, Sephora, Benefit


Dandelion is a super pale pink with the slightest hint of a golden sheen. It is the palest of all the shades and doesn’t show up that well on me. What you see in the photo of me wearing it is several layers. It has decent color payoff – it’s just very light.


Willa is noticeably deeper than Dandelion and has a more obvious shimmer to it but no large sparkle. If you like the idea of Dandelion but have had trouble getting it to show up, you might like this one better.


Peachin’ is almost as pale as Dandelion but the orangey tone shows up better on me. It has a very subtle satin sheen to it, kind of like a natural-looking highlight.


Sunny is a matte apricot. This is surprisingly bright on me for how it looks in the pan.


Shellie is a lightly shimmery coral. It’s a little more pink than Sunny.


Crystah is very bright but seemed to end up looking not that far off from lighter pink shades like Willa. I’m sure I could apply it much more heavily to get it to look closer the swatch/pan. It has a golden shimmer but when blended, it isn’t very obvious.


Butterfly is a deep orange with a bit of golden shimmer.


Moone is a deeper berry shade with a reddish sheen.


Pompom is a very straightforward matte mauve. This one was just a hair patchy but still pretty decent.


Java is a deep chocolate with a bit of a reddish undertone and a matte finish. By the time I got to demoing this shade, my skin was getting irritated LOL so it may look a bit more red than normal.


Terra is a reddish bronze with a little bit of golden shimmer.

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