MOTD – Matte Grey with Gold Glitter

MOTD - 11.21.19
MOTD – 11.21.19
MOTD - 11.21.19
MOTD – 11.21.19
MOTD - 11.21.19
MOTD – 11.21.19
MOTD - 11.21.19
MOTD – 11.21.19


  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
  • Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation
  • Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation
  • Bella Pierre Pro Conceal Palette
  • Loreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer
  • Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder

I mixed the two foundations listed above. I’m not sure if it was the primer or the mixing of foundations that did this, but today’s foundation came out really nice. I will have to keep messing with these products and different combinations to see what made the foundation look so smooth today.

Also, I really liked this Maybelline powder. I set my whole face with it and then baked a my t-zone and under eye area. Baking is not a technique I use often but I wanted to play with glitter and didn’t want it to stick to my foundation. It brightened up areas I wanted brighter, didn’t make my under eyes look dry and so far is keeping my foundation matte.

Edit: After wearing this makeup for about 6 and a half hours, the foundation was a little cakey in the areas where I have large pores. My foundation didn’t get too oily or shiny for this amount of time so something about this combination of products helped keep oils at bay.


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer
  • Ulta Single Shadow in Pure as Snow – Brow bone.
  • Ulta Single Shadow in Coconut – Inner corner.
  • Ulta Single Shadow in Petit – Transition.
  • Ulta Single Shadow in Modern Times – All over lid, blended into crease.
  • Viseart Brow and Eyeshadow Palette – I used the dark grey and black shadows in the bottom row with a small fluffy brush to give more depth to the outer lid and crease.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow in Metal – Center of lid, applied lightly with a brush. I didn’t want a foiled look.
  • Tati Beauty Soothe Glitter – I applied this on top of the grey shadow with a fluffy crease brush for a diffused application. Then I pressed it down onto the lid with my finger to make it lay flat on the lid and ensure it was well-adhered.
  • Covergirl Lash Exact Mascara in Black Brown
  • Viseart Brow and Eyeshadow Palette – I used the lightest powder shade on the bottom row to fill in my brows.
  • Pixi Brow Gel

The Ulta eyeshadow in Modern Times is the main grey you see here. I don’t have a ton of grey eyeshadows that are this tone in my collection so I don’t have a lot of other brands to compare this to. However, I can say this isn’t the best quality. I had to keep layering, packing, and blending for longer than I usually do with more brown-toned shades. It’s the type of formula that doesn’t adhere well to the lid and tends to blend away to nothing far too easily. That said, of course, I could still make it work. I’ve collected several of the Ulta Eyeshadow Singles and they are hit and miss. Some shades work great, others could use some improvement.

The glitter shade from the Tati Beauty Palette is very similar to the ColourPop Pressed Glitters. The glitter particles in Tati’s palette are generally smaller than the ones from ColourPop. ColourPop does have a shade called Fyre which has particles that are the same size as Tati’s glitters. They are adhere the same way to the lid so that you do not need a glitter glue for them to stick. However, they do tend to stay where you initially place them. You can’t really “blend” or move them around once you set them down on the lid. So, if you want more control and precision, you may want to use brushes to apply the glitter.

Edit: After 6.5 hours the eye makeup was noticeably creased. A few pieces of glitter fell down onto my cheeks. This is the typical amount of time I get with the ABH primer or just eyeshadow on unprimed eyes. The ABH Primer does nothing for longevity on my eyes but I do like that it offers coverage and evens out discoloration.


  • Physicians Formula Organic Wear Bronzer
  • Jane Peach Bouquet Blush

I pulled these two products out to see if I still wanted to keep them in my collection. This is one of the oldest bronzers in my collection and before today I don’t remember the last time I wore it. I fully expected not to like it but it actually worked really well. Not orange, not too pigmented, easy to blend. It does have a smell though. That might mean it’s gone bad but it may have already had that smell to begin with. The blush was not bad. I swirled all the colors together and ended up picking up way too much color on my brush. I had to tap the excess product off my brush onto the back of my hand before applying to my cheeks. Having to do this extra step is kind of annoying but I did like the color. I can’t say I really want to declutter either of these just yet.

Edit: I didn’t see any fading from the bronzer or blush by the end of the day but the bronzer seemed more yellowish than I remembered it looking earlier in the day.


  • Fenty Gloss Bomb in Pretty Please

I thought this color would look good with the grey eyeshadow since it isn’t too bright.

Edit: This gloss usually wears about 2-3 hours and today was no different.

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