MOTD 5.4.21

Here’s look a did a while back using some of my single shadows. This started out as me wanting to (finally) create a custom palette out of some of my singles.

When I finally went to create the look, I ended up using at least one shade that wasn’t in this palette just because. These are the shades I ended up using for this look along with their swatches.

In the order they are swatched:

  • Menagerie Snack
  • Makeup Geek Mint To Be
  • ColourPop The Aquarius
  • Sydney Grace Fierce
  • Menagerie Wolfing
  • ColourPop Clementine
  • ColourPop The Sagitarius
  • ColourPop Half Baked
  • Alter Ego Shine
  • Alter Ego Freya
  • Devinah Cosmetics Messier

I’ve wanted to make a custom palette for the longest time but haven’t felt I had a good enough reason to spend the time doing this. Here’s the palette if you are curious…

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