Playing with Menagerie Eel-lectric and Terra Moons Radiation

Most of the looks I’ve done in the past have been centered around a particular palette but I’ve wanted to get into single shadows for a while. I’ve had several that I’ve swatched but never given a serious try just wasting away in my drawers. Out of all the shades used in this look the ones I was most curious about were Menagerie Eel-lectric and Terra Moons Radiation.

I decided to use ColourPop Flux as a base because it’s a lot sheerer than you would think and the minty color just doesn’t translate on the lid. It just looks vaguely white (on my skin at least). I thought it worked well used this way and the powder shadows adhered well to it.

Eel-lectric was the reason why I did this in the first place. I bought it last year after eyeing it for a long time and only just used it in this look. It was softer and more powdery than I expected but I still like it. 

Terra Moons Radiation is very smooth, and when swatched, appears to be opaque but you can probably see how it looks sheerer where I applied it as winged liner. I want to try this one out some more applied different ways and combined with other shades. It really shines compared to other shimmers, even compared to Solstice from the same brand which has the same kind of texture and feel but is just not as reflective.

The other three mattes were ones I’ve used before and was familiar with how they worked. I chose ColourPop The Sagittarius because I liked how it looked against the brighter greens and I thought Makeup Geek Staycation would complement The Sagittarius. I used Menagerie Sun Bathe as a brow bone highlight mainly because I didn’t want to just go with a neutral color.

Swatched above:

  • ColourPop Flux Super Shock Shadow
  • Makeup Geek Staycation
  • Menagerie Eel-lectric
  • Terra Moons Solstice
  • ColourPop The Sagitarius
  • Terra Moons Radiation
  • Menagerie Sun Bathe

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