Devinah Cosmetics Galaxy Dust Shifters Look #2

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Devinah Cosmetics Galaxy Dust Shifters Look #2
Devinah Cosmetics Galaxy Dust Shifters Look #2

The main focus of this look is Devinah Cosmetics Starfire Pressed Pigment, which is part of the Galaxy Dust Shifters Collection, but I also mixed a whole bunch of different products together. For the sake of reviewing products, I generally try to wear fewer shades so I can get a better feel for each one individually. But, man, can that quickly turn soul-sucking. I feel like I’m in this constant tug of war to balance my desire to just be creative with being more analytical about product performance. The more I use makeup as a form of creativity, the less I feel like I actually pay attention to how the makeup is working. At the same time, I learn a lot when wearing makeup in a way that is “less fun, more work.”

Also, for some reason I’m doing a ton of purple looks lately. Not intentionally LOL.

Products and Shades Used:

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