Custom Fall Palette Look #3

  • Warm red and orange fall eyeshadow look
  • Warm red and orange fall eyeshadow look
  • Warm red and orange fall makeup look
  • Warm red and orange fall makeup look
  • Custom Fall Palette

I like reds and oranges together so I thought I’d do a look mostly with those colors. The gold inner corner was kind of an afterthought but I like it. This was even faster to do than the last look I posted. I think the eye makeup took me about 30 mins.

What I Used


  • Alter Ego Eyeshadow Primer
  • Shades from my Custom Fall Palette
    • Red Bottoms – Most of the lid and slightly in the crease, blended lightly around edges
    • Creamsicle – Transition shade around edges of Red Bottoms, lower lashline
    • Bay Watch – Layered over Creamsicle on lower lashline
    • Queen B – Inner corner
    • Clementine – Center of lid
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pen
  • Viseart Brow Palette
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag Mascara
  • Covergirl Lash Exact Mascara (lower lashes)
  • A gold eyeliner (waterline) – Hardly showed up, skip if you like

The first time I used Red Bottoms, I layered it over another shade and it faded easily when blending. This time I applied it to a larger area and straight over the lid. I didn’t have any issues with it and found it held up well throughout the day. Whenever I use Creamsicle, it comes out more intense than I expect. For some reason, I think it’s going to go on more sheer but this one builds and shows up very easily. Bay Watch isn’t the most impactful shimmer – not super shiny or opaque but I like how it changed the look of the matte orange underneath it. Queen B is a nice gold shimmer, good pigment, creamy, intense. I didn’t dampen the brush and I didn’t have a ton of fallout from it. I’ve used Clementine quite a bit. I adheres well on its own without a sticky base but I do have to spend some time picking up just the right amount on the brush and carefully/lightly placing it on the lid. It’s easier to apply it lightly and build than it is to move it once it sticks to the skin.


  • Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 in 03 Balos
  • Urban Decay Stay Naked Concealer in 30NN
  • Physicans Formula the Healthy Powder in LC1 (to add coverage)
  • Maybelline Fit Me Loose Setting Powder in 05 Fair

I went for a different kind of base makeup. Usually I’ll just use a higher coverage foundation but sometimes I’ll use lighter coverage liquid products and then make up for it with a higher coverage powder on top. This is something worth trying if you don’t like how heavier coverage products sit on the skin. The Physicians Formula The Healthy Powder on its way out but there are tons of others out there.


  • Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer in Amber
  • Loreal Paradise Enchanted Blush in Fantastical

This bronzer is VERY natural looking on me. It might be too light if you really like your bronzer/contour to show up. If I apply it lightly and blend, the grey tone you see in the pan fades into something warmer and it does give my overall complexion a warmer look. If I apply it heavily, it will start to look more grey in the areas where it is layered on more thick and look weird/unnatural. It is a cream product but it has more of a balmy than a greasy/sticky feel to it. It feels about the way a liquid foundation or moisturizer feels once it settles into the skin. 


  • Roen Liquid Lip Balm in Charlie

Whenever I see a product like this that is described as a liquid lip balm but looks like a lip gloss, I am skeptical. I think this one does function as a balm. It isn’t oily or sticky and does seem to absorb into the lips over time. The color is super sheer and mostly just looks my own lip color. It has a lightly minty smell and feel. 

How I Did It

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