It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review and Swatches

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette

I’ve been testing this for quite a while because I couldn’t decide whether I liked it or not. I think I was in denial about the quality not being quite up to snuff because after all it is a handy palette full of neutral matte eyeshadows – and I LOVE that concept. But I feel like I HAVE to use a primer if I want it to look good and I have to blend very carefully because they can have a tendency to look patchy on the eyelid. And yet, I still reach for it because I like the colors and it’s convenient having them all together in one palette! Argh, I still have such an internal conflict but I want to get this review out, so here it is.

Price/Quantity: $42 for a total of 13.02 g of product. The 14 smaller shadows are 0.8 g each and the 1 larger shadow is 1.82 g.

Availability: It Cosmetics, Ulta

Shade Range: 15 shades (14 matte / 1 shimmery)

  • Sheer Joy – Light slightly pink-toned nude. The sheerest shade in the palette.
  • Soft Lights – Light grayish taupe. Fairly sheer.
  • Warmth – Light warm brown. Has okay pigmentation and is a little powdery/chalky.
  • Soulful – Rosy brown. Fairly sheer.
  • Mocha – Greenish light brown. Fairly sheer.
  • Violet – Cool light grayish purple. Fairly powdery/chalky but has better pigmentation.
  • Midnight – Navy blue. A little powdery/chalky and has average pigmentation.
  • Noir – Charcoal (not super black). A little powdery/chalky and has average pigmentation.
  • Love – Light pinky nude. Good pigmentation.
  • Sunrise – Warm terra-cotta brown. Good pigmentation.
  • Sunset – Warm reddish brown. Good pigmentation.
  • All Heart – Warm dusty purple. Average pigmentation.
  • Java – Cooler dark brown. Average pigmentation.
  • Iconic – Blackened indigo. Average pigmentation.
  • Transforming Pearl – Light neutral pearl (neither yellow, nor pink). Swatches fairly pearly but on the eye, it looks less shimmery.

Packaging: The outside of the palette is covered in a light pink velvet with the palette name printed in gold metallic paint. I’m not so sure about that paint lasting for a long time but so far I haven’t seen it flake off at all. It closes shut with a magnet like Urban Decay’s Naked 1 Palette. Inside, there is a good sized mirror in the lid and the whole face of it is covered in a gold metallic overlay.

Smell: No fragrance that I can discern but it does have a strange earthy smell to it. It’s only noticeable if I am trying to smell it, not during normal application.

The Good:

  1. There are lots of nice neutral matte colors to choose from that will suit many skin tones.
  2. The color range is versatile so you could create a variety of look with them.
  3. It is convenient having all these colors together in one palette.
  4. The shadows aren’t too tightly packed in the pan so it’s not difficult for a brush to pick up color.
  5. The price isn’t too high for the number of eyeshadows you get.
  6. When I wore these over a primer they lasted 8 hours without creasing or fading.
  7. For matte shadows these are pretty forgiving. Some matte eyeshadows can make eyelids look dry, dull, and crepey. These didn’t make my eyelids look better but they didn’t make them look worse either.

The Not So Good:

  1. Pigmentation is lacking. It’s not terrible but I do need to use a primer and I need to put on several layers of the same color because the process of blending sheers out the color too much. It takes a lot of time to apply these and have them look even and smooth.
  2. Some shades are fairly powdery which is a bummer.
  3. These eyeshadows can look a little patchy on the lid which is worse if I don’t use a primer.
  4. The transforming pearl shade is very light on the shimmer and applying it over color for the purpose of “transforming” it into a shimmery shade seems to mostly wash out the color. It is not bad on it own though.
  5. After wearing these on unprimed eyes for 8 hours they looked patchy, faded, and slightly creased.
  6. Some fallout, especially from the darker shades

Worth Buying?

I’m going to say no, regretfully. Of 15 shades, the only 3 that were high quality were Love, Sunrise, and Sunset. The rest were just okay in pigmentation and texture. It’s not a terrible product by any means, it’s just not the quality I’d expect for $42. For the same price you can get the Lorac Pro Palette with 16 shades and AMAZING quality across the board, but of course, not as many matte choices. I feel like the value isn’t quite there.

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette

It Cosmetics Sheer Joy Eyeshadow Swatch

It Cosmetics Soft Light Eyeshadow Swatch

It Cosmetics Warmth Eyeshadow Swatch

It Cosmetics Soulful Eyeshadow Swatch

It Cosmetics Mocha Eyeshadow Swatch

It Cosmetics Violet Eyeshadow Swatch

It Cosmetics Midnight Eyeshadow Swatch

It Cosmetics Noir Eyeshadow Swatch

It Cosmetics Love Eyeshadow Swatch

It Cosmetics Sunrise Eyeshadow Swatch

It Cosmetics Sunset Eyeshadow Swatch

It Cosmetics All Heart Eyeshadow Swatch

It Cosmetics Java Eyeshadow Swatch

It Cosmetics Iconic Eyeshadow Swatch

It Cosmetics Transforming Pearl Eyeshadow Swatch

Soft Purple Eyeshadow Look

Soft Purple Eyeshadow Look

Navy and Taupe Eyeshadow Look

Navy and Taupe Eyeshadow Look

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