Review: ColourPop So Jaded Palette

ColourPop So Jaded Palette

I started doing looks with the ColourPop So Jaded Palette in November and at that time it was still (surprisingly) available on the ColourPop website. As far as I can tell, it seems to be discontinued now.

There are a total of 30 shades. 27 of them are your standard matte and shimmer shadows, 2 are self-adhering pressed glitters, and 1 is a super shock shadow (kind of like a cream shadow). I’d describe the color selection as warm neutrals plus jewel tones. None of the shades are too similar to each other. It’s versatile and works well on its own but it is not all encompassing. You’ll have to look elsewhere if you are into cool-neutrals, pastels, and primary brights. The neutrals that are in here are also limited.

For the most part, color payoff and ease of use was excellent across all the finishes. I was able to pick up color on my brushes without digging into the pans and transfer color easily to the lid. They blended as I would expect and fallout was minimal for most shades. None of them were duds. Only a few were a bit patchy (Jade, Stoned, and Turquoise) but I was still able to make them work. I noted things that stood out to me about individual shades in the swatch descriptions below, if you’re looking for more detail.

This has decent wear time for me. I can go about 8 hours with it looking about as good as is  it did when I first applied the shades but they do start to quickly crease after that.

After 8 looks, I don’t feel that I’ve hit anywhere near the limit of what I can do with this palette but I think I’ve used it enough to know whether I like it or not. The quality of this palette is more consistent than some other palettes I’ve tried from ColourPop and the color selection is more well thought out. If it were still available at full price (was around $40, I think), I’d say it would be worth the purchase. 

ColourPop So Jaded Palette

ColourPop So Jaded Palette

Row 1 | ColourPop So Jaded Palette Swatches
Row 1 | ColourPop So Jaded Palette Swatches
  • DiamondSuper shock shadow (cream formula). Sheer pinky beige with pale green shimmer flecks. Compared to the other shimmery shades, this one wasn’t as easy to apply with a brush. It doesn’t transfer as easily or as quickly as the powders do. The finish of this is more sparkling than the shimmers but the particles are smaller than the pressed glitters.
  • Rose Quartz – Medium rosy mauve with a matte finish.
  • Ruby – Pinkish red shimmer.
  • Royal Jewels – Light peachy nude with a matte finish. Least opaque of the mattes but still shows up with some building.
  • Flourite – Lavender base with green shimmer. Sheerer than most other shimmers in the palette.
  • Moonstone – Metallic light peach base with blue sparkles.
Row 2 | ColourPop So Jaded Palette Swatches
Row 2 | ColourPop So Jaded Palette Swatches
  • My Precious – Ultra pale pinky peach with a matte finish.
  • Sunstone – Copper shimmer.
  • Pearl – Warm pale nude with a shimmer finish.
  • Citrine – Orange yellow with a matte finish.
  • Garnet – Burgundy with a matte finish.
  • Ametrine – Medium dusty purple matte base with silver sparkles. There are enough sparkles in this to show up on the eye. They will cause some fallout, especially if you attempt to blend this shade. Pressing it on, rather than sweeping, will reduce the fallout.
Row 3 | ColourPop So Jaded Palette Swatches
Row 3 | ColourPop So Jaded Palette Swatches
  • Peridot – Bright yellow green shimmer. One of the more opaque and reflective shimmers in the palette.
  • You’re A Gem – Medium peach with a matte finish.
  • TopazPressed glitter. Varying sizes and colors of glitter that shift colors depending on the angle of the light. Shifts from intense yellow bronze to beetle green.
  • Tiger Eye – Medium brown shimmer with a very subtle hint of green. This is less reflective and closer to a satin finish.
  • OpalPressed glitter. Multi-colored and multi-sized glitter with an overall cool-toned, unicorn vibe. This one felt drier than Topaz and didn’t adhere as easily.
  • Aquamarine – Sky blue shimmer. One of the sheerest shades in the palette.
Row 4 | ColourPop So Jaded Palette Swatches
Row 4 | ColourPop So Jaded Palette Swatches
  • Geo Dude – Medium yellowy tan with a matte finish.
  • Carnelian – Rich rusty orange with a matte finish. This was a very pigmented shade and was also somewhat powdery in the pan. You only need a small amount of this at a time.
  • Stoned – Medium-deep warm grey with a matte finish. Looks warmer along blended edges than in areas where it is applied with more opacity. This one could be patchy if I applied it with a fluffy brush in the crease (see Look 5). It worked well applied on the lid with a flat shader brush, though.
  • Jasper – Cooler purplish brown with a nearly matte finish. Has the tiniest hint of shimmer but looks matte on the eye.
  • Turquoise – Intense opaque teal with a matte finish. Slightly patchy but still usable.
  • Onyx – Deep grey with tiny silver-blue sparkles.
Row 5 | ColourPop So Jaded Palette Swatches
Row 5 | ColourPop So Jaded Palette Swatches
  • Emerald – Green shimmer.
  • Jade – Matte olive green. This was the most difficult to work with shade in the palette. It has a lot of pigmentation and it can “stick” where it is initially applied. Requires patience and lots of blending.
  • Alexandrite – Medium purple with blue and green shimmer.
  • Smoky Quartz – Metallic pinky beige shimmer. One of the more opaque and reflective shimmers in the palette.
  • Amethyst – Deep cool toned purple shimmer. Has a pinkish “glow” to it in direct light.
  • Sapphire – Ocean blue with a matte finish.


Look #1:

  • Jasper – Used as eyeliner
  • Tiger Eye – Inner lid
  • Peridot – Inner lower lashline
  • Geo Dude – Outer crease
  • Citrine – Outer lid
  • Jade – Inner crease
  • Royal Jewels – Blended edges of Jade with this
  • Pearl – Inner corner
  • Garnet – Center of lid

Look #2:

  • My Precious – Inner corner, brow bone
  • Rose Quartz – Transition
  • Citrine – Crease
  • Jade – Lower in the crease
  • Sapphire – Outer lid
  • Turquoise – Center of lid
  • Aquamarine – Layered over Turquoise
  • Geo Dude – Lower lashline
  • Diamond – Lower inner lashline

Look #3:

  • You’re A Gem – Inner lid/crease
  • Rose Quartz – Center part of crease
  • Garnet – Outer lid/crease
  • Stoned – Outer lower lashline
  • Citrine – Inner lower lashline
  • Diamond – Center of lid
  • Topaz – Layered over Garnet on outer lid/crease

Look #4:

  • Sapphire – Outer lid/crease
  • Geo Dude – Inner lid/crease
  • Jade – Center of lower lashline
  • Jasper – Outer part of lower lashline
  • Smoky Quartz – Center of lid
  • My Precious – Inner corner, brow bone
  • Royal Jewels – Transition
  • Tiger Eye – Inner part of lower lashline

Look #5:

  • Stoned – Crease
  • Sapphire – Outer lid
  • Alexandrite – Center of lid
  • Flourite – Inner lid
  • Rose Quartz – Inner crease
  • Onyx – Outer lower lashline
  • Amethyst – Center of lower lashline
  • Aquamarine – Inner corner, brow bone

Look #6:

  • You’re A Gem – Transition
  • Carnelian – Crease
  • Garnet – Inner/outer lid, inner/outer lower lashline
  • Ametrine – Center of lid, center of lower lashline
  • Sunstone – Inner corner, brow bone

Look #7:

  • My Precious – Inner corner, brow bone
  • Geo Dude – Transition for both crease and lower lashline
  • Jade – Outer crease
  • Stoned – All over lid
  • Emerald – Center of lid, center part of crease
  • Tiger Eye – Inner/outer part of lower lashline
  • Peridot – Center part of lower lashline
  • Pearl – Inner corner, layered over My Precious
  • Opal – Center of lid, layered over Emerald

Look #8:

  • My Precious – Inner corner, brow bone
  • Royal Jewels – Transition
  • You’re A Gem – Lower lashline
  • Carnelian – Outer crease
  • Ruby – Inner/outer lid and crease
  • Citrine – Center of lid
  • Moonstone – Center of lid, layered over Citrine
  • Peridot – Inner corner

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