NYX HD Eye Shadow Base Review

NYX HD Eye Shadow Base
NYX HD Eye Shadow Base

Product Description

What it is: NYX HD Eye Shadow Base is an eyeshadow primer that is supposed to make eyeshadows look more vibrant and last longer. It also claims to make eyelids look “smoother, more even toned.”

Price/Quantity: About $7.00 for 0.27 fl oz. / 8 mL

Availability: NYX, Ulta, Fred Meyer

Packaging: A lipgloss-style tube with a doe foot applicator.

Smell/Fragrance: There is no fragrance in this but it does have a chemically smell to it. It’s not something I ever notice during normal use – only when trying to smell it.


Before now, I have never tried a budget/drugstore eyeshadow primer simply because there weren’t many out there – at least not ones I could pick up in-store. There were some available online but I was skeptical. I was even skeptical this product but since I found it at a local store, I figured I could return it easily if it didn’t work out.

I first tried using this under the eyeshadows in the NYX Adorable Eyeshadow Palette. It extended the wear by at least 2 hours and slowed the process of my eyeshadows breaking down. I wore those eyeshadows for a total of 10 hours and only had very minor creasing (most people wouldn’t notice it). I also tried it under my Almay Shadow Softies and it extended the wear of those by 3 hours and again kept creasing very minor.

The consistency of this product reminds me a little of an eye cream. It has a sheer off-white color but it doesn’t really add any coverage for veins or discoloration on my lids. It feels thick, smooth, and creamy when I first apply it and as it dries down, it becomes more tacky. It does a good job of making eyeshadows stick to it, the way a cream eyeshadow would, and makes them look a little more vibrant than they would on bare lids. When using this, my eyeshadows just look more polished and more evenly blended.

As for the claim that it is supposed to make eyelids look smoother and more even-toned – I didn’t really see any difference. The texture and tone of my lids looked exactly the same with or without this primer.

I also have Urban Decay Primer Potion and Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer and I feel that this product works just as well as those and costs far less.

Worth Buying?

Yes. I love it when I find a budget/drugstore product that work just as good if not better than a high end version.

NYX HD Eye Shadow Base
NYX HD Eye Shadow Base

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