Danessa Myricks Lightwork 4 Palette Look #2

  • Danessa Myricks Lightwork 4 Look #2
  • Danessa Myricks Lightwork 4 Look #2
  • Danessa Myricks Lightwork 4 Look #2
  • Danessa Myricks Lightwork 4 Look #2
  • Danessa Myricks Lightwork 4 Look #2
  • Danessa Myricks Lightwork 4 Look #2
  • Danessa Myricks Lightwork 4 Look #2

This second look with the Danessa Myricks Lightwork 4 Palette was an experiment to see how the Aqua Chrome shade Aura would work used as a base. I mainly wanted to know if it would hold up in the crease and if I would be able to apply other powder shadows over top without ruining it. For the first question, the quick answer is no. It doesn’t work used in place of a primer and does not last for very long before cracking and flaking off in the crease. I feel it would probably hold up just fine used as an eyeliner or perhaps the lower lashline, somehwere the skin doesn’t move much and isn’t disturbed much throughout the day. As for applying shadows over top, that worked well. Once it dried down, it didn’t move and didn’t flake when touched with my brushes to apply other colors over it. I tried using  an eyeshadow primer underneath Aura on one eye and that really didn’t work well at all, do not recommend lol. It made creasing/flaking worse.

I applied Awakening over Aura so it was hard to tell how opaque it was but from what I could tell, it seemed to show up well. There was a tiny bit of fallout even after tapping the brush off but it didn’t stick to my under eye area. Angels applies more heavily than I expect for having a clear base. It is *packed* with sparkle, so even attempting to be light handed with it, I end up with more of a solid layer than a dusting of glimmer from it. Paradise is a Pressed Chrome Flake shade and it has a waxy feel to the touch. It picks up fine with a finger but doesn’t stick to a brush as readily. I wanted to use it in somewhat of a more precise way than my fingers could do, so I used a thick eyeliner brush. All this to say that it took me a long time to get it applied the way you see it here but it did stay put all day long.


  • Hourglass Veil Eye Primer (one eye only)
  • Danessa Myricks Lightwork 4 Palette
    • Aura – All over lid, taken slightly up into the crease
    • Awakening – Outer lid
    • Angels – Center portion of brow bone, inner corner near bridge of nose
    • Paradise – Center of lower lashline
  • Patrick Ta Major Dimension II Palette
    • Devotion – Outer 1/2 of crease
    • Crush – Inner lower lashline
    • Adore – Inner lid
  • ABH Nouveau Palette
    • Wisteria* – Inner corner, transition shade above crease
    • Metro* – Outer lower lashline
  • Menagerie Cosmetics Iron Grip* Pressed Pigment – Inner 1/2 of crease
  • Sydney Grace Snow Queen – Brow bone
  • Make Up For Ever Artist Color Pencil in 502 Infinite Sand
  • Covergirl Lash Exact Mascara (lower lashes)
  • Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
  • Essence Make Me Brow
  • Jason Wu Brows Before Boys Brow Powder (deepest shade)

Shades marked with a * are pressed pigments and are not intended for use near the eyes. I haven’t experienced any negative effects from these.


  • Patrick Ta Creme Foundation & Finishing Powder Duo in Fair 2
  • Bobbi Brow Corrector in Light Bisque
  • NYX Bare With Me Concealer Serum in Light


  • Benefit Blush in Sunny


  • ColourPop Glowing Lip in Cockatoo

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