ABH Brow Freeze Gel Review

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  • ABH Brow Freeze Gel
  • ABH Brow Freeze Gel
  • ABH Brow Freeze Gel
  • ABH Brow Freeze Gel
  • ABH Brow Freeze Gel
  • ABH Brow Freeze Gel
  • ABH Brow Freeze Gel
  • ABH Brow Freeze Gel
  • ABH Brow Freeze Gel
  • ABH Brow Freeze Gel

What it is: ABH Brow Freeze Gel is a clear brow gel with strong hold and a glossy finish that dries down and sets brows in whatever style you like. The formulation and thicker consistency is different than a regular brow gel, allowing for a little more versatility in how it can be used.

Price/Quantity: Full size is $26 for 0.24oz/7ml and the mini size is $13 for 0.15oz/4.5ml. The mini a slightly better value.

Availability: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Sephora, Kohl’s

Packaging: The outer part of the packaging has a soft-touch, rubberized feel. The wand is a plastic/rubber type of wand with two different lengths of bristles. One side has longer, more spaced apart bristles and allows for a lighter coating of product while the other side has shorter bristles that are spaced more closely together. Using the shorter side lays more product more quickly over the brows. Two sides of the wand also completely lack bristles at all and are just flat, so you can use it to press the brow hairs flush against the skin. Personally I find using my finger more effective than using the flat edge because that way I’m not adding more product while attempting to shape the brows. You can definitely apply too much and create a mess on the skin around the brows. I feel the wand holds a good amount of product so that I’m able to give both brows a light coating for a natural look without having to dip back into the container. If I apply it heavily to laminate the outer ends, I may dip back into the container once or twice.

Smell/Fragrance: No noticeable fragrance but I do smell a light chemical scent mixed with a moderate alcohol scent. If I apply it heavily, I can feel the cooling sensation of the alcohol as well. So far I haven’t noticed it irritating my eyes during application.

Expiration: 6 months after opening.





Texture/Consistency/Finish: Doesn’t feel lightweight like a standard brow gel, but thicker and stickier like honey. It goes on the brows totally clear and dries down completely holding the hairs strongly in place. Once it sets, it continues to look glossy. It reminds me of those skincare facial masks that are a clear gel that you allow to dry for about 15 minutes and then peel off, but in a tiny little container with a precision brush. 

ABH Brow Freeze Gel Up Close

There is a small amount of flaking that happens but it is far less than what I got with the Milani Brow Wax (review). If I work quickly and get it applied thoroughly before it starts drying, I have much less, and possibly zero flaking. What you see above is how it ends up looking most of the time when I just do a natural look with it. If I work too slow and apply a lot of product, it can start to gum up as I brush it through the hairs and cause way more visible residue.

Application: It combs through the brows just like a regular brow gel but the brush design is supposed to help you style your brows in different ways. I can use the side with the longer bristles to move and shape the hairs into place in a more natural looking way. The side with the shorter bristles makes it so that I coat the brows with a bit more product and lays the hairs closer to the skin — this gives me something between a natural look and a laminated look. And you can also use the flat side without any bristles to press the hairs flush to the skin.

It gets on the skin if you do anything more than a natural look with it and it leaves a glossy film around the brows. If I only get a small amount on the skin, it’s not a big deal, but if I do a laminated look, it’s a ton of shine on the skin and it looks like a mess. In this case, trying to brush it away is difficult. Using a spoolie to do this kind of peels it away, leaving some flakes around the brows in the process. Using a pointed cotton swab with some makeup remover or micellar water to clean up around the edges gives me a much better result.

ABH Brow Freeze Gel Cleanup Methods

Used heavily to laminate the brows, it holds really well. It holds better than a wax and very nearly as well as soap. Even if I make expressions and move my brows around a lot, the hairs stay in place. I am able to apply pomade and brow ink over it and those things adhere perfectly fine over the dried brow gel in areas where it is coated very heavily.

If I use it just to fluff up the brows, where I’m not getting much of the product on my skin, I can still work brow powder with a brush through the hairs and onto the skin underneath without difficulty getting the powder to adhere or moving the hairs. The hairs stay in place well during application and I don’t get any flaking from touching the dried gel.

Longevity: After 1 wear test of about 11 hours, my brows didn’t move one bit by the end of the day. They still looked exactly the way they did when I finished them in the morning. No added flaking, no hairs pulling up away from the skin, and still fluffed up in the front half of the brow.

Pros and Cons

Things I like:

  • I like that this is a strong hold product that comes in a tube with an applicator. It makes application easier, faster, and simpler than a product in a pot.
  • Works well for the brow style I like which is natural most days with the occasional time where I want to laminate the outer 1/3 down (especially for photographing eye looks).

Drawbacks and other considerations:

  • It gets on the skin if you do anything more than a natural look with it and it leaves a glossy film around the brows. 
  • Completely laminated, “soap brow” style is possible but leaves a mess on the skin around the brows that is difficult to avoid.
  • Dries down to a stiff/crunchy feel.

 Worth Buying?

If you only see yourself using this for the purpose of lightly grooming and shaping your brows, it will give you about the same result as a regular brow gel. If that’s how you plan to use it and you already have a brow gel, this probably won’t add a whole lot of usefulness. However, if you like the idea of having a little more flexibility with a single product that can do both natural and more bold brows, it might be worth trying. Likewise, if you have more coarse brow hairs and need an extra strong hold product, I could see this possibly being more effective than a regular brow gel. For fully laminated brows, I prefer the less glossy look of brow waxes and soap, but this one works decently well if you only laminate a small portion.

Natural Look

Natural Look | ABH Brow Freeze Gel Before and After

Partially Laminated Look

Partially Laminated Look | ABH Brow Freeze Gel Before and After

“Soap Brow” Look

"Soap Brow" Look | ABH Brow Freeze Gel Before and After

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