Today’s Makeup – April 25, 2017

Today's Makeup - April 25, 2017
Today’s Makeup – April 25, 2017
Today's Makeup - April 25, 2017
Today’s Makeup – April 25, 2017

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Sorry for the more laid back photos. Didn’t have time to set up all my photography stuff. Got tons of paperwork to deal with today.


I’m trying the Urban Decay primer for the first time today. So far I really like it. The MUFE foundation is notoriously finicky on texture and the primer seems to be doing its job creating a smooth surface for the foundation to apply over.

The Physicians Formula contouring palette is decent. I like the middle shade because it’s a cooler toned color and not too pigmented so it’s easy to work with. The light shade is fairly yellow toned and matte though, so I can’t really use it to highlight. I use it more to help blend out the contour shade. The bronzer shade is really pigmented and too dark for me so I don’t use it.


From the Rimmel palette, I’m using the third, fifth, and eighth shades from the left to create the gradient in the crease. The rose gold lid shade is the sixth shade from the left. I’m using a little of the second shade from the left on the inner corner. I’ve worn this palette several times now and I am impressed with the quality for being an inexpensive drugstore palette. Very little, if any fallout, even from the shimmer and darker shades. Great color payoff. Could be a smidge easier to blend but it’s easy enough to work with.

I have had the mascara for a couple weeks and I’ve been enjoying it. I like how quickly I can work with it. It adds a good amount of volume, applies evenly, isn’t clumpy, and my lashes are separated nicely. So far it’s applied predictably every time I’ve worn it.


This is pretty comfortable and I love this color. I thought this was going to be a drying formula but so far my lips are feeling good.

Brushes and Tools:

The Sephora puff is newer to me. I’ve been using it for about a month or so. It applies powder really evenly and helps to mattify more than a powder brush. Why have I not used something like this before?! It’s now a new must have!

The Wet n Wild brushes are also newer to me. The angled brush is small but not super thin so it works better for brows than as a liner brush for me. The small concealer brush is only 99 cents. I have 2 and I think I’ll probably pick up a few more. Can’t beat how cheap and useful these are.

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