Swatches: Devinah Cosmetics Xploders Collection

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Devinah Cosmetics Xploders Collection
Devinah Cosmetics Xploders Collection

The Devinah Cosmetics Xploders Collection is made up of 7 pressed pigments that were inspired by Willy Wonka Candy. These are available individually for $8 each or in a set for $56.

The pans are 26mm in size and come in little cardboard sleeves. You will need a magnetic palette to store these in. Devinah offers these, but you can also find them from other places.

These things play tricks on my eyes because they shift colors depending on the angle of the light. I *think* they are considered multichromes but I’m not entirely sure. I’m not an expert on multichromes by any stretch of the imagination. I’ll try to describe each shade and their shifts the best that I can below.

I swatched these over Too Faced Glitter Glue. I initially tried swatching them on bare skin but they didn’t apply as smoothly and the colors didn’t show up as well that way.

One thing I have noticed as I’ve starting playing with these, the shift makes it more challenging to pair these with other eyeshadows. I’m still working on figuring out which combinations of colors I like using with these shades.

Pixy Stix

Pixy Stix has a sheer peachy pink base with a strong golden sheen. In the pan, and in the swatch, the peachy pink base is much stronger than it looks on the eye. In practice, when I actually wear this the most prominent thing I see is the golden sheen. If I’m looking at the swatch under various angles of light I can see that the sheen shifts from pale green, to light gold, to light peach. It seems to settle most strongly on light gold.

Marshmallow Pillows

Marshmallow Pillows has a sheer light pink base with a strong sheen that shifts between magenta and light blue. As with the last shade, the base color doesn’t show up much on the eye. The most noticeable thing to me on the eye is the blue shift.


Runts has a very sheer light grey base with strong sheen that shifts from a muted, warm purple to a light peach. The muted purple sheen is what I see most when I look at it.


Kazookles has a sheer light grey base with a strong sheen that shifts from a warm pink to a cool violet. To me the violet is most noticeable.


Nerds has a light blue base with a strong sheen that shifts from light blue green to light yellowy green. The light yellowy green is most prominent.


Swudge has a sheer light blue base with a strong sheen that goes from warm purple, to violet, to electric blue. The electric blue is what I see most strongly.

Everlasting Gobstoppers

Everlasting Gobstoppers has a light blue base with a strong sheen that goes from a silvery purple, to a pinkish purple, to a light teal, to a vibrant green. The green shows up the most for me. This one had one of the strongest, most noticeable shifts.

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