NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette Review

NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette

Product Description

Price/Quantity: $7 for 6 grams
Availability: NYX Website, Ulta, Amazon
Color Range: 6 colors
Color/Finish: The individual shades don’t have names but I will describe them in order from left to right.

  • Satin off-white
  • Golden white with light gold microglitter
  • Matte peach
  • Light golden beige with a satin finish
  • Satin taupe
  • Matte dark brown

Packaging: Plastic snap shut palette that includes a double ended sponge tip applicator. The lid is stays securely closed and opens easily.
Smell/Fragrance: Barely detectable but what I do notice is a typical eyeshadow smell.


Application: I ended up having to pack on a lot of eyeshadow in order for it to show up. The only color that required a lot of blending was the dark brown shade.
Pigmentation: The dark brown is the most pigmented shade. If you apply these directly to the lid, they will not have good color payoff. If you apply them over a base, the colors look more rich. While this is true for most eyeshadows, the difference was much more pronounced with these.
Texture: These were dry and even though they are light colors, they created fallout which ended up in my eye. Ouch!
Longevity: I wore these without a base for 5 hours before they started to crease. After 10 hours the creasing was much worse.

Overall Opinion


  • Looks natural as far as color and finish (except for the sparkly shade)
  • Lasts a decent amount of time before creasing
  • Inexpensive


  • Most shades don’t have very good pigmentation
  • Dry, crumbly texture with lots of fallout
  • Not super versatile

Worth buying? If you already have a neutral palette such as the Urban Decay Naked Basics or the Lorac Pro Palette, or even a small drugstore neutral quad then this would be an unnecessary purchase. The two colors in the middle of the palette (peach, and golden beige) are so lightly pigmented and hardly distinguishable on the lid from one another that I feel they shouldn’t have included both. It is only $7 which is really reasonable for what you get but I wouldn’t consider it a good alternative to those higher end neutral palettes because the quality is nowhere near as good. I could see this being a good purchase for someone who is just starting to get into makeup, someone on a tight budget or someone who prefers barely-there eyeshadow looks. If you don’t have patience for using eyeshadow bases or packing on color then you might want to skip this.

NYX Natural Palette

NYX Natural Palette

NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette Swatches
Swatched heavily
NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette EOTD
EOTD with NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette
NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette EOTD
EOTD with NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette
Disclaimer: This product was purchased by the author for review.

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