Review: Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Palette

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Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Palette
Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Palette

What caught my eye about the Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Palette is that it’s sort of like a neutral palette but with a little more color and some fun textures. It’s more rosy than neutral but if you are the type to gravitate toward mauvey tones on a daily basis, it could be used for everyday makeup. I like that it goes beyond basics with several different finishes and brings in a couple pops of color with shades like Cosmic Love, Happiness, Joy, Moon Magic, and Blissful. You can do basic, easy, safe looks but you can also have a little fun with the same palette.

Formula Overview

There are 18 shades in total. 8 of them are matte, 1 is a pearly gloss, and 9 are varying types of shimmer finishes. You’ll have to see my swatches post for more detail about the shimmers as there are too many differences to categorize them. They all have an emollient, creamy quality to them but are still very much powder shadows. Some have mostly smaller particles (Quartz, Joy, Abundance, Energized, Self Love) and some are mostly made up of larger sparkles and are highly reflective (Cosmic Love, Blissful, Moon Magic). These are the only shades I get significant fallout from. Energized is also very reflective but only has smaller particles. Empowered is a mixture of small shimmer and larger sparkle.

The mattes feel smooth and finely milled, apply evenly and blend with not much effort. I haven’t gotten much kick back from them when picking up color with my brushes. Over primer, they go on a bit darker and more evenly, and take a little more time to blend. I get almost no fallout from them.

The gloss (Love Stone) feels like a lip balm to me and has pigment “pebbles” underneath the surface. It took me several swatches and uses to get far enough down to finally mix the shimmer into the gloss. What I get is a very subtle sheen from the gloss and a sheer rosy shimmer from the pigment. There are some medium sized pink, blue, and gold sparkles in it too. I’ve tried using it by itself on the lids, as a highlighter on the cheeks, on the lips, over top the powders, and underneath them as a base. So far my favorite way to use it is just by itself for a natural-with-something-extra kind of look. I think it looks nice on the lips as well.

Here’s what it looks like being worn (the second eye photo is there to show how it creases after a few minutes):

Shade Selection

The color scheme is mostly cool toned but there are a few shades that are a bit warmer like Quartz, Aura, and Gratitude. Blissful has a warmer brown base color to it. There is a LOT of midtone in here with a couple shades to add depth (Mantra, Empowered). I like that they included at least one very light shade (Cherished). Personally I would have liked maybe one more light shade and one less midtone. The kinds of looks I’ve gotten have all been either cool toned or just neutral.


The palette itself feels like nice quality. Good sturdy plastic. The hinge has a bit of tension and so I can leave the palette open at a 90 degree angle and it will stay that way or I can open it all the way flat. The mirror is large and takes up the entire inside of the lid and has no distortions. To close the palette, it snaps shut (no magnets). I don’t find it difficult to open it but it’s a large enough palette that I do need both hands.

Wear Time

Out of the three times I tested this for wear time I got about 4 hours without primer before I started to notice creasing or fading in the crease. One day I got 11 hours with almost no creasing (probably a fluke), the other two days, I got more like 8-9 hours with primer.


Look #1:

  • Precious – Outer transition area
  • Mantra – Crease
  • Cherished – Inner transition area
  • Serenity – Inner lid, lower lashline
  • Aura – Outer lid, outer lower lashine
  • Energized – Center of lid
  • Quartz – Inner corner

Look #2:

  • Happiness – Inner crease
  • Empowered – Inner lid
  • Mantra – Outer crease
  • Cosmic Love – Outer lid
  • Joy – Inner corner
  • Abundance – Lower lashline
  • Cherished – Brow bone
  • Moon Magic – Brow bone, outer lower lashline

Look #3:

  • Radiate – Transition
  • Aura – All over lid, blended into crease
  • Gratitude – Applied over Radiate in pretty much the same area
  • Self Love – Inner corner, blended upward toward the brow
  • Blissful – Center of lid
  • Empowered – Outer lower lashline
  • Precious – Inner lower lashline
  • Love Stone – Applied over Precious
  • Happiness – Outer corner

Look #4:

  • Radiate – Inner transition area
  • Cherished – Under inner part of brow, inner/outer lower lashline
  • Precious – Inner crease
  • Aura – Outer crease, center of lower lashline
  • Gratitude – Outer transition area
  • Empowered – Outer lid

Look #5:

  • Self Love – ALL over the lid, all the way up to the brow bone. Applied with finger.
  • Serenity – Lightly applied in outer crease and mixed with Self Love on outer lower lashline.
  • Energized – Inner corner. Applied with eyeliner brush.
  • Mantra – Applied as eyeliner and used to fill in brows.
  • Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Palette Look #4
  • Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Palette Look #4

Look #6:

  • Cherished – Inner corner, outer corner
  • Love Stone – Inner corner (used as base for next shade)
  • Blissful – Inner corner (smaller area), layered over Mantra in crease
  • Serenity – Crease, center part of lower lashline
  • Abundance – All over lid (kept close to lashes), lower lashline (kept close to lashes)
  • Mantra – Crease

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