Elf Lash XTNDR Mascara Review

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Elf Lash XTNDR Mascara
Elf Lash XTNDR Mascara

What it is: Elf Lash Xtndr Mascara is a tubing mascara that is supposed to provide length and drama instantly. It claims to resist clumps, flaking, and smudging and remove easily with warm water. 

Price/Quantity: $7 for 0.25 oz / 7 g

Availability: Elf, Target

Shade Range: 3 shades (Soft Black, Pitch Black, and Deep Brown)

Packaging: The tube is pretty standard and a tiny bit narrower and shorter than other mascaras I have. It has a flexible silicone brush that gives slightly when pressed against the neck of the container but isn’t too flexible, so I can still get good control with it. The wand holds a very reasonable amount of product so I don’t feel the need to clean excess off before applying it to the lashes. To close it, it twists shut with a subtle “pop” once it is fully closed.

Smell/Fragrance: It has a fairly strong scent that I wouldn’t describe as fragrance but more as alcohol and other chemicals. I didn’t notice the scent over the past week just using the product normally but when actively looking for a smell, it was very easy to pick up on. 

Expiration/Shelf Life: 6 months after opening.


Here are the ingredients that are on my box. They don’t totally match what I see on the website.

Elf Lash XTNDR Mascara Ingredients
Elf Lash XTNDR Mascara Ingredients


Shade: I chose the shade Pitch Black and I’m happy with the depth of color I get from it. I feel it is plenty dark enough but I’m sure I’ve used other mascaras that were a deeper/richer black before.

Application: This applies fast for me compared to other mascaras I have. Within a few swipes, I very quickly see noticeable length and volume and I don’t need to add more than one layer to get my lashes to a place where they feel “done”. It goes on evenly without clumps and I don’t find it super easy to accidentally get mascara on the skin around my eyes with this brush. I always curl my lashes and this doesn’t undo the curl when I first apply it and once it dries, it holds the curl for the rest of the day. 

The wand holds a perfect amount of mascara so I don’t need to clean excess off before going in for application. I also don’t feel the need to go back into the tube for more mascara to get one eye done. I will dip back into the container to get some more for the other eye though. 

The product is not too wet or too dry/waxy but it does seem to dry down on the lashes quickly after I sweep it on, affecting how I can layer the product. While I don’t feel the need whatsoever to layer for plenty of impact, if I did want to apply it heavily, I need to do it within a minute or two. If I wait too long before adding more product, it can start to look clumpy and my lashes will stick to each other.

How It Wears: After several days, the only bad thing I’ve noticed about how this wears is some slight flaking. It seems to do this consistently but the flakes are pretty small and there aren’t a ton of them. I’ve been seeing if it will smudge by wearing it on the lower lashes with a hydrating concealer and so far it hasn’t smudged. 

Removal: Being a tubing mascara, it is meant to be removed with water. What I’ve been doing is using makeup remover to take off most of my makeup and my eyeshadow, and then I’ll go to the sink and use some warm water to soften up the mascara before gently pulling the “tubes” or large chunks of mascara off in a pinching motion. Once it’s exposed to water for about 15 seconds, it very easily loses its grip on the lashes and comes off with very little effort.

Worth Buying?

I feel like this mascara is well worth the $7. It’s not much more than some of the cheapest options at Ulta and it performs really well. The only drawback for me personally is some minor flaking.

Before and After

Elf Lash XTNDR Mascara Before and After
Elf Lash XTNDR Mascara Before and After
Elf Lash XTNDR Mascara Before and After

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