Elf Cream Glide Lip Liner Swatches and Review

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  • Elf Cream Glide Lip Liners
  • Elf Cream Glide Lip Liners
  • Elf Cream Glide Lip Liner
  • Elf Cream Glide Lip Liner
  • Elf Cream Glide Lip Liners
  • Elf Cream Glide Lip Liners
  • Elf Cream Glide Lip Liners

Elf Cream Glide Lip Liners come in 8 shades and go for $2 each. They are a creamy, comfortable, easy to apply formula with quick color payoff that come in a wooden pencil. The pencils are a tiny bit on the shorter side but otherwise have a standard diameter and will fit into a standard pencil sharpener. The names of the shades are not printed on the pencils themselves and are only found on the plastic sleeve each one came it. I’m glad I noticed this before tossing the plastic out so I could tell them apart. For now I will keep the pencils in the sleeves but may try to find a way to label them myself.

The texture of these reminds me a little bit of lipstick. Like they repackaged a semi-matte (but still creamy!) lipstick formula into a lip liner pencil. The name is accurate. They glide on without any tugging and color goes on evenly and quickly. They don’t feel drying at all and they don’t slip and slide around on the lips once I get the color where I want it. Unless my lips are chapped, I feel zero need to use a lip balm beforehand to get these to apply nicely.

They don’t transfer a whole lot if I take a sip of coffee so it seems they will hold on for a good amount of time. I haven’t really given them a good wear test yet though.

For $2 I wasn’t expecting a whole lot but wow am I surprised. If someone handed this lip liner to me and didn’t tell me what brand it was or how much it cost, my opinion would be the same – beautiful quality. If you are already planning to make a purchase from Elf and need to add something to your cart to get past a shipping threshold, these are a no brainer.

Red Receipt

Red Receipt is an ultra bright red. It is mostly neutral but leans ever so slightly more pink than orange.

Plum & Get It

Plum & Get It is a deep reddish purple. The red in this doesn’t come across too strongly and it has a nice amount of depth to it so it doesn’t look too bright.

Dark Cocoa

Dark Cocoa is a deep brown with subtle red undertones. This looks mostly like a neutral chocolate brown on me with only a hint of the red tones coming through.

Spill The Tea

Spill The Tea is a medium yellow-brown. This is a really unique color (to me at least) that doesn’t look anywhere near natural on me but has a cool fall vibe to it.

Mauve Aside

Mauve Aside is a medium muted rosy beige. This one is slightly deeper than my natural lip color but has a neutral-to-cool undertone that fits my complexion better than the other lighter shades available.

Baddest Beige

Baddest Beige is a light brownish pink. I never did get into the whole latte makeup trend but the color of this seems like it would fit perfectly.

Truth Or Bare

Truth or Bare is a light peachy pink with strong warm tones. This one looks almost melony on my lips

Pinky Swear

Pinky Swear is a light pink with very slight warm undertones. This is the closest shade to my natural lip color in depth but is just a tiny bit warmer.

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