ColourPop Making Mauves Eyeshadow Palette Look #2

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ColourPop Making Mauves Palette Look
ColourPop Making Mauves Palette Look

Products and Shades Used:


Tongue Tied and Solitaire are very similar except one is matte and the other has some sparkles in it. I’d rather not have sparkles like this in a matte shade because most of the time they don’t really show up that well on the lid and end up falling down under my eyes during application. A La Mode wasn’t the easiest to pick up with a brush. I could do it but I would only get a wash of sparkle over the lid using that method. Using my finger gave me a more metallic, smoother look. This isn’t a super opaque eyeshadow. It seems to be mostly sparkle/glitter suspended in a semi-sheer rosy shimmer. It has a thicker, grittier texture and a slightly emollient/tacky feel to it. Lots of fallout from this shade.

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