ColourPop Glowing Lip Swatches

It has been a while since I’ve purchased new lip products and I haven’t tried a whole lot from ColourPop in general. The ColourPop Glowing Lip range seemed like the kind of lip product I tend to go for though, being sheer and moisturizing. There are 8 shades (currently, at least) and I’ve swatched and demo’d all of them below. None of them have any kind of shimmer or sparkle, just a balmy tint of color. For the individual arm swatches, I swiped each shade a single time so you can see the general opacity and how evenly they apply. For the demo pics and group swatches, some shades have been built up a bit more.

I am able to build up the lighter shades without them looking uneven but I have to be careful with the deeper shades. For those, I used a brush to help get a more even application. So far I’ve worn a few of them over the course of a day. They feel comfortable, fairly thin, and not at all sticky. The moisture in these dries down after a couple of hours but most of the color is left behind. The ones I have worn have faded pretty evenly and weren’t staining, either on my lips or on my skin when swatching.

The scent reminds of Twizzlers candy and is noticeable as soon as I get the lipstick near my face. It is kind of strong but I don’t personally find it to be offensive or bothersome. The taste is barely there compared to the scent.

In case it isn’t obvious, these are slim lipsticks. The caps require some force to remove but they do stay on securely. I have noticed with a few of them, if I look very closely, the plastic lid is cracked just a bit where it snaps together onto the tube. Over time, and with repeated use, this might cause the caps to come off more easily. In one of the photos above, I fully extended one of the lipsticks to show how much product is inside. They twist up and down very smoothly.

On first impression, I’m not disappointed in this purchase. Most of my lip collection is getting quite old so these can take the place of some of the oldest ones that need to be decluttered.

ColourPop Glowing Lip Swatches


Cockatoo is a light pink. Looks like it might have some purple tones but it just looks mostly pink on me.

Indulge Me

Indulge Me is a light warm peach.

La Cienega

La Cienega is a light peachy pink. More pink than Indulge Me and lighter than Let’s Jet.

Let’s Jet

Let’s Jet is a light pinky coral.

Museum Date

Museum Date is a medium reddish brown.


Status is a deeper reddish brown. It looks more red on my lips than it does in a swatch. This shade is the trickiest of them all to apply evenly to my lips. I feel like it’s a little easier to go very sheer with this shade. Building it up evenly is a little more difficult. I used a brush for the demo photo. Those with more pigmented lips may not have as much of an issue with it.

Girl, Please

Girl, Please is a medium berry. This shade is also trickier than the lighter ones to apply evenly but not as difficult as Status.

Get Right

Get Right is a pinky red. There isn’t too much pink in this but it is there. A teensy bit harder to apply evenly but not bad at all.

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