ColourPop Enchanted Palette Review

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The ColourPop Enchanted Palette is a purple palette with 12 shades of eyeshadows, pressed pigments and one pressed glitter in various finishes. It came out together with the ColourPop Fairy Well Palette and both of these have larger pan sizes than many other ColourPop palettes. Pans are 26mm in diameter and about 1/2 the depth of most of my other single shadows. The shades are magnetic but they won’t fit into some of their other palettes (like the Bare Necessities, Stone Cold Fox, etc.). This goes for $18 and is currently sold out but still listed on ColourPop‘s website.

I liked most of the mattes except for one. They were pigmented, buildable, and blended easily without patchiness. The one exception was New Realm. The color is nice and it helps to add some depth but it is more dry than some other deep shades I’ve used from this brand and doesn’t adhere as well. The two lightest mattes feel like some of ColourPop’s better mattes and the pressed pigments are surprisingly easy to use for how bold and dark they are.

The pressed pigments look different enough in the pans next to each other but when I actually use them in looks, it is very hard to tell them apart. They are marked with stars next to their names on the back of the palette to denote that they are not meant to be used in the immediate eye area. I personally haven’t noticed any irritation from using them on my eyes but they do leave a light reddish stain on the skin which fades by the next day.

I like some of the shimmers more than others. All of them contain varying amounts of larger sparkle and have some level of fallout. Magic Maker is the most sparkly of them all and is more like a topper. The rest have less sparkle, more fine shimmer and a more visible base color. Toad and Mischievous were harder to pick up on a brush and required more building to get a satisfying level of color payoff. I thought Maze was pretty good and Berry Pickin’ was easy to use.

The only matte with sparkle is Fairycore. ColourPop has some matte with sparkle shades that I actually like but this isn’t one of them because the sparkles are quite large and don’t stick or show up well. I would have preferred if they had left this as just a true matte.


Note: All shades are swatched twice. On the left, they are heavily swatched with my finger and on the right I mostly used brushes and sheered the shades out.

  • Magic Maker | ColourPop Enchanted Palette
  • Fairycore | ColourPop Enchanted Palette
  • Vine | ColourPop Enchanted Palette
  • Shapeshifter | ColourPop Enchanted Palette
  • Maze | ColourPop Enchanted Palette
  • Berry Pickin' | ColourPop Enchanted Palette
  • Toad | ColourPop Enchanted Palette
  • Mischievous | ColourPop Enchanted Palette
  • Got Wings | ColourPop Enchanted Palette
  • Spellcaster | ColourPop Enchanted Palette
  • Fae | ColourPop Enchanted Palette
  • New Realm | ColourPop Enchanted Palette

Magic Maker – Sheer pale pink shimmer with a strong gold sheen and larger sparkles. Mostly comes off as a sparkly topper shade. Feels silky and picks up easily. Lots of fallout.

Fairycore – Light, matte, brownish pink base with LARGE silver sparkles. I really don’t like this shade. The matte base is not bad but the sparkles are super messy and they don’t really show up well on the lid.

Vine – Light muted purple with a matte finish. This has a soft, velvety feel to the touch. Blends very easily.

Shapeshifter (Pressed Glitter) – Multicolored glitter and pale pink shimmer mixed into a sheer waxy base. Applied over just my skin or a lighter shade, it isn’t as easy to see all the different colors of the glitter. They are more visible when applied over a deeper shade.

Maze – Light pinky bronze shimmer with sparkles. Has a fair amount of fallout. It shows up well though even if I apply it with a dry brush. One of the better shimmers in the palette. 

Berry Pickin’ – Bright bubblegum pink shimmer with a good amount of larger sparkle. Picks up decently well on a brush but some building helps for more intense color payoff. Has sparkle fallout.

Toad – Orchid purple shimmer with a bit of small sparkle. One of the sheerer shades in the palette. Needs layering or using a damp brush.

Mischievous – Dusky plum shimmer with a small amount of tiny sparkle. Feels firmer and doesn’t pick up easily on a brush. Needs building to show up well.

Got Wings – Reddish mauve with a matte finish. Soft, velvety texture. Good, even color payoff, easy to blend. Tiny bit of fallout.

Spellcaster (Pressed Pigment) – Deep berry pink with strong purple tones. Feels drier and slightly grittier but goes on evenly and with plenty of color payoff. Not hard to blend out. This one leaves a light stain on the skin.

Fae (Pressed Pigment) – Another deep pink shade but this one has stronger red tones. Very hard to tell this and the previous one apart in practice. Performs about the same as Spellcaster. Stains the skin lightly.

New Realm – Smoky deep purple with a matte finish. Kind of dry and doesn’t adhere well so it comes off like it isn’t pigmented. I can build it up a little bit, but it dusts away easily. Not the easiest thing to blend.


  • ColourPop Enchanted Palette Look #1
  • ColourPop Enchanted Palette Look #1

I started this out by blending Vine broadly through the crease, and added Got Wings in a smaller area on the outer lid and crease for some depth. Magic Maker is applied over the inner half of the lid and crease, slightly overlapping the matte shades underneath. Using an angled brush, I smudged a bit of New Realm on the outer portion of the lower lashline and added Shapeshifter to the inner half for some sparkle. This was a wear test and it lasted for about 7 hours without primer before I noticed light creasing.

  • ColourPop Enchanted Palette Look #2
  • ColourPop Enchanted Palette Look #2

To begin, I applied Vine above the crease with a large fluffy brush. Then I used a smaller fluffy brush to apply Fae to the inner and outer lid, blending upward into the crease, leaving the center of the lid bare. On the center of the lid, I applied a small amount of NYX Glitter Primer and then patted Fairycore over top, trying to get as much of the sparkle in it to adhere and reduce fallout. Using a pencil brush, I applied Mischievous to the inner corner and along the outer edge of the lower lashline, sort of like a wing but from the bottom side of the eye. On the center part of the lower lashline, I used a thick eyeliner brush to apply Berry Pickin’. All of the shimmers were used with dry brushes.

  • ColourPop Enchanted Palette Look #3
  • ColourPop Enchanted Palette Look #3

In this look, I’m using the other pressed pigment. If you go between both of these looks, it is hard to tell them apart on the eye. I started by pressing Spellcaster all over the lid and blended it upward into the crease. For some shine, I initially applied Maze with a dry brush on the center of the lid but it didn’t adhere super well over the matte, so I later used a damp brush. Mischievous is applied to the lower lashline with a damp brush and ended up looking so much better applied this way. The warm shimmer you see on the inner corner and above the crease is a bit of Lil Orb from the ColourPop Fairy Well Palette. This was also applied using a damp brush.

  • ColourPop Enchanted Palette Look #4
  • ColourPop Enchanted Palette Look #4

I wanted to see how well New Realm would blend by itself and how well I could tell Berry Pickin’ and Toad apart on the eye. I used several brushes to apply New Realm – one to apply the initial layer, two to blend in the crease and around the edges, and one to pack on and build up color. This shade took a while to apply and get this level of color payoff. It is kind of dry and could be better at adhering. It sticks noticeably better over ColourPop Party Proof Primer and goes on more evenly. It blends easily over the primer and tends to dust away over just bare lids. By the time I was done with the entire look, it had already faded in the crease. Berry Pickin’ was applied first with a damp brush and then again with just a dry brush. Toad is applied to the lower lashline using a dry brush.

  • ColourPop Enchanted Palette Look #5
  • ColourPop Enchanted Palette Look #5

Out of my frustration with Fairycore up to this point, I wanted to find a combo of shades that would actually compliment it within the palette. I decided to try pairing it with almost all of the warmer shades in the palette. On the outer half of the eye, I used a fluffy brush to apply Got Wings mainly to the crease. Without the help of a sticky primer, I applied Fairycore with a flat shader brush to the inner half of the lid. Fallout was really bad and almost none of the sparkle remained on the lid, but the matte base color looked okay. For some depth and shine, I used New Realm along the outer lower lashline and applied Maze with a dry brush to the inner lower lashline.

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