Natasha Denona Yucca Palette

Natasha Denona Yucca Palette Review

The Natasha Denona Yucca Palette is a mostly warm neutral palette inspired by summer tropics with many shades that lean gently into green, yellow, and orange tones. A few bolder shades are also incorporated but this is generally a very comfortable set of shades to wear even for those that may not be all that into colorful makeup.

Winky Lux Detail Oriented Mascara

Winky Lux Detail Oriented Mascara Review

Winky Lux Detail Oriented Mascara is a lengthening and defining mascara with a skinny precision wand for reaching every last lash. At the moment, it seems to be available only in black and I don’t see a waterproof version. It goes for $19 and is available to purchase from Ulta, Target, and Winky Lux.

Sephora Color Shifter Eyeshadow Palettes

Sephora Color Shifter Eyeshadow Palette Reviews

Sephora recently launched these new “Color Shifter” eyeshadow palettes. They are $10 each and they come in 4 color variations. Each contains three mattes, a shimmer, and a topper shade. The color selection in them is pretty straightforward and balanced. I haven’t found it difficult to come up with a variety of looks for each palette.

ColourPop Enchanted Palette

ColourPop Enchanted Palette Review

The ColourPop Enchanted Palette is a purple palette with 12 shades of eyeshadows, pressed pigments and one pressed glitter in various finishes. It came out together with the ColourPop Fairy Well Palette and both of these have larger pan sizes than many other ColourPop palettes. Pans are 26mm in diameter and about 1/2 the depth of most of my other single shadows. The shades are magnetic but they won’t fit into some of their other palettes (like the Bare Necessities, Stone Cold Fox, etc.). This goes for $18 and is currently sold out but still listed on ColourPop’s website.

ColourPop Fairy Well Palette

ColourPop Fairy Well Palette Review

The ColourPop Fairy Well palette is true neutral palette that contains the types of shades that could be used for daily makeup or to use as a neutral pairing palette with other palettes or single eyeshadows. It has a range of textures and depths that make it versatile enough to use for very natural, barely-there looks or you can go super smoky and glam. There are 4 true mattes, 4 shimmers, 2 pressed glitters, and 2 mattes with sparkle.

ColourPop Sage The Day Palette

ColourPop Sage The Day Palette Review

The ColourPop Sage The Day Palette, $14 at Ulta and ColourPop, contains 9 nature-inspired shades of green and brown. There are 4 true mattes, 4 shimmers, and 1 matte with sparkle. None of them are pressed pigments or glitters. The palette and pans are the same size as most of ColourPop’s previous 9-pans, like their monochromatic series.

Milani Stay Put Liquid Brow Wax

Milani Stay Put Liquid Brow Wax Review

Milani Stay Put Liquid Brow Wax is a product for shaping and holding brow hairs in place. It is a colorless wax and does not come in tinted versions but can be combined with other brow products (powders, brow pens, etc.) to add color. It similar in concept to a clear brow gel but feels different to the touch (not crunchy), and has more hold but remains flexible all day.