Swatches: Alter Ego Artemis Palette

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Alter Ego Artemis Palette

The Alter Ego Artemis Palette is supposed to be a dupe of Natasha Denona’s Metropolis Palette, not only in the color selection but also in the formulation of some of the cream/powder hybrid shades. There are 28 shades and it retails for $22.

Alter Ego Artemis Palette
Front of palette
Alter Ego Artemis Palette
Back of palette
Alter Ego Artemis Palette
Outer packaging
Alter Ego Artemis Palette Swatches
Row 1 Swatches
  • Provoke – Light bronze-y gold shimmer with larger golden sparkles mixed in.
  • Entice – Slightly deeper and more muted orangey brown with a matte finish.
  • Obscure – Pale gold with a standard shimmer finish. No large sparkles.
  • Ravage – Coral-y orange shimmer with larger golden sparkles.
  • Catch – Nearly identical in color to Provoke but this is a standard shimmer with no chunky sparkles.
  • TrapCream/powder. More coral toned than Hunt and Entice and has a small amount of shimmer that doesn’t translate on the lid. This looks matte on the lid.
Alter Ego Artemis Palette Swatches
Row 2 Swatches
  • SilentCream/powder. This is an interesting vintage avocado green shade. Being a cream/powder somehow enhances the color in a way I don’t think we’d see in a true powder. Looks matte on the eye.
  • Scent – Looks more opaque in the swatch but this is very sparkly and doesn’t have much base color to it. Large, bright, multi-colored sparkles in a sheer champagne shimmer base.
  • Camouflage – This looks exactly the same as Catch in the row above. Same color, same finish.
  • Victory – Medium blue shimmer with larger blue sparkles.
  • Stalk – Reddish orange shimmer with a standard shimmer finish.
  • QuiverCream/powder. Red-based brown. This has a bit more of a sheen to it than the other cream/powder shades but it still comes off as mostly matte on the eye.
  • Snare – Vibrant orange with a matte finish.
Alter Ego Artemis Palette Swatches
Row 3 Swatches
  • ThrillCream/powder. Greenish taupe. Looks matte on the eye.
  • Spear – Gold with a hint of green. On the eye, the green tint is hardly noticeable. Sparkling shimmer finish. The sparkles in this are smaller than in some of the other shades.
  • Chase – Shimmery taupe. Not as reflective as some of the other shimmers.
  • Pursuit – Shimmery green base with larger blue sparkles.
  • CaptivateCream/powder. Similar to Trap in the first row but more toned down, less vibrant.
  • Pluck – Deeper rose gold with a standard shimmer finish.
  • BowCream/powder. Medium blue. Looks matte on the eye.
Alter Ego Artemis Palette Swatches
Row 4 Swatches
  • AmbushCream/powder. Extremely similar to Bow but maybe a bit easier to build up.
  • ProwlCream/powder. Looks nearly identical to Thrill.
  • StealthCream/powder. Depending on how much you build this up it can go anywhere from a lighter emerald green to a deeper forest green. Looks matte on the eye.
  • Pounce – Copper shimmer with larger sparkles.
  • LureCream/powder. Medium warm brown with a matte finish.
  • Conquer – Deep true red with a standard shimmer finish.
  • Quest – Looks the same as Chase in row 3.


Look #1:

  • Silent – Crease, center part of lower lashline
  • Thrill – Outer lid and crease
  • Lure – Outer lid, outer lower lashine
  • Pounce – Center of lid
  • Scent – Inner corner, applied with dampened brush

Look #2:

  • Prowl – Outer transition area
  • Ambush – Outer lid/crease
  • Trap – Under the inner part of my brow
  • Pursuit – Outer lid
  • Conquer –  Inner lower lashline
  • Victory – Outer crease, applied with an angled brush
  • Ravage – Center of brow bone area
  • Spear – Outer brow bone area
  • Entice – Outer lower lashline
  • Snare – Center of lid and crease

Look #3:

  • Stealth – Inner lid/crease
  • Bow – Outer crease
  • Quest – Inner lid
  • Victory – Outer lid
  • Quiver – Lower lashline
  • Obscure – Inner corner
  • Provoke – Center of lid

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