January 2015 Favorites

Favorites: January 2015

I wanted to start keeping track of my favorite things each month because I usually have a hard time deciding what to include in my yearly favorites. By the time December rolls around I don’t even remember what I was using the first half of the year! Let’s take a look at a few of my top beauty product picks for January.

Favorite Beauty Products of 2014

Favorite Beauty Products of 2014

The last time I did a yearly favorites was for 2012. I skipped 2013 because I felt my list would have been mostly a repeat of the previous year. This year I tried some new things and luckily found some new gems to add to my collection.

Mac Studio Finish Concealer

Favorite Products of 2012

It was so hard to narrow down my favorite products of this year because I use a variety of products for different purposes. Some things are great for a really quick 5-minute makeup look and others are great for special occasions. I also have favorite products that were limited edition but I chose to leave those out since it would be pointless to recommend a product that is no longer available. These final 12 are products that I have no qualms about recommending to others. I would absolutely repurchase each and every one of them. I took quality, price, amount of use each product got, and ease of use into consideration when putting this list together. If I found a product of equal quality at a cheaper price, then the cheaper one won. Keep in mind that no product is 100% perfect and will not work for every single person out there. These are just the best that I found so far.

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